Shah Rukh Khan & Mukesh Ambani Seen Sipping On ORS At PM Modi’s Swearing-In Ceremony In Delhi’s Sweltering Heat

Netizens find it difficult to believe that SRK and Mukesh Ambani drink the same ORS as commoners.

by Shreya Ghosh
Shah Rukh Khan & Mukesh Ambani Seen Sipping On ORS At PM Modi’s Swearing-In Ceremony In Delhi’s Sweltering Heat

Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India on June 9. He took oath for the third time at the swearing-in ceremony celebrated at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in the presence of ministers, celebrities, foreign dignitaries, and who’s who of different industries. In the long list of eminent guests, Shah Rukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani were invited to the prestigious event in Delhi and their pictures of sipping on ORS are going viral.

Shah Rukh Khan And Mukesh Ambani Drinking ORS Caught Netizens’ Attention

TEAM SRK MUMBAI (@teamsrkmumbaifc) shared pictures of King Khan and the chairman of Reliance Industries having a conversation at the glorious event on Sunday.


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A post shared by TEAM SRK MUMBAI (@teamsrkmumbaifc)

Pictures and videos of PM Modi’s oath-taking ceremony have been making rounds on social media platforms since last evening.


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Among all the viral glimpses and snippets, a few photos of Shah Rukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani are making headlines for an interesting reason. Mukesh Ambani and Shah Rukh Khan were clicked drinking from tetra packs of Cipla ORS at the oath-taking ceremony.

TEAM SRK KOLKATA OFFICIAL (@teamsrkkolkata_) shared a video of the superstar arriving at the venue.

Each pack of ORS costs about ₹30 to ₹35. Netizens were a bit surprised to see SRK and Ambani drinking ORS. The temperature exceeded 40°C in several parts of Delhi yesterday. The city has been experiencing a horrible surge in heat for the past few days. It is extremely crucial to stay well-hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. In such conditions, ORS works great to keep us hydrated and maintain a healthy balance.

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X Users React To Viral Pictures

There are a couple of reasons behind social media users being in shock to see Shah Rukh Khan and Mukesh Ambani sipping on ORS. Firstly, many imagined that they may not drink ORS in humid weather as there might be alternatives for them. Secondly, these packs are super affordable and seeing celebrities using pocket-friendly products grabs everyone’s attention always. Here’s how they are responding.

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ORS is effective in treating dehydration and helps the body to recover. Many people drink it quite regularly in the sweltering weather conditions. Do you prefer drinking ORS?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ TEAM SRK MUMBAI (@teamsrkmumbaifc), Instagram/ Narendra Modi (@narendramodi)

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