Sharjah Transforms A 100-Year-Old House Into A Heritage Tourism Site & We Got You All The Details

Discover Najd Al Maqsar: A heritage oasis in Khorfakkan.

by Deeplata Garde
Sharjah Transforms A 100-Year-Old House Into A Heritage Tourism Site & We Got You All The Details


Experience history reborn as Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) unveils the stunning transformation of a 100-year-old house into a luxury hospitality and heritage tourism destination in Khorfakkan.

Restoring History In Sharjah: Phase 1 Unveiled Of 100-Year-Old House

In a remarkable feat of restoration, Shurooq has unveiled Phase 1 of the ‘Najd Al Maqsar’ project. This phase features seven meticulously restored units housed within a historic structure over 100 years old. Nestled on 17,210 square metres, each unit offers breathtaking mountain views. Guests can enjoy modern comforts including a restaurant, reception area, and a trail leading to the iconic 300-year-old Al Meqsar Fortress. Adventure enthusiasts can explore walking trails with panoramic views of Khorfakkan and access Al Rafisah Dam via a dedicated trail.

Rich Heritage and Natural Splendour Of Najd Al Maqsar, Sharjah

Najd Al Meqsar stands as a testament to centuries of rich history. Located in the heart of Wadi Wishi, this area was once inhabited by the Al Hanateeb tribe, who thrived near the abundant waters of Wadi Wishi. The area’s Al Aflaj irrigation system sustained agriculture and life, while nearby ruins of ‘Al Hara’ speak of a vibrant community fed by Wadi Al Jinn spring waters. The forts atop mountains protected inhabitants, underscoring the strategic importance of this historical site.

Preserving Cultural Treasures

The project meticulously preserves original foundations, ensuring the integrity of historical sites like the ‘Al Bari’ Fort area, home to a mosque, ghaf tree, and the ancient Hussat Al Meqsar rock. Inscribed on this rock is ‘Kharab Al Rafisah 1288 Hijri’, marking the area’s historical milestones, including the last prayer in the mosque around the 1960s. Phase 2, slated for completion in early 2026, will expand the offerings with additional units overlooking the picturesque valleys, further enhancing the heritage-inspired experience.

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Najd Al Meqsar emerges as a cultural and natural oasis, inviting visitors to delve into Sharjah’s rich heritage amidst stunning natural beauty. With Phase 1 already unveiled and Phase 2 on the horizon, this project promises to be a beacon of sustainable heritage tourism in the UAE. Whether exploring ancient forts or trekking through scenic trails, Najd Al Meqsar offers a unique blend of history, luxury, and natural splendour for guests to savour and cherish.

Cover Image Courtesy: Visit Sharjah/  Website

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