Sheeshe Wala Gurudwara In Ludhiana

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Sheeshe Wala Gurudwara In Ludhiana

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Sheeshe Wala Gurudwara is one of the popular religious locations in Ludhiana which is made entirely out of glass.

What Is It?

Situated near Doraha city in village Rajgarh, this popular religious site is a temple for the Sikh, who come to worship and pay respect to their deity. The Gurudwara is approximately 22 km away from the main city of Ludhiana.

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What’s In It?

The main factor of the Gurudwara is that attracts a lot of visitors from around the country is that it is made entirely out of glass. The beautiful floor and ceiling are made of glass and even the fans in the Gurudwara are of glass material.

Make a trip to the Gurudwara and witness this spectacular sight.


Address: Sheeshe Wala Gurudwara, Rajgarh Rd, Rajgarh, Punjab 141122