Shilpa Shetty Takes Her Pet Truffle For A Sunday Binge & It’s Pawdorable!

by Shreya Ghosh
Shilpa Shetty Takes Her Pet Truffle For A Sunday Binge & It’s Pawdorable!

Shilpa Shetty is one of the few celebrities who uploads and shares real moments from her daily life on her social media and stays true to her fans and followers. Everyone following her on Instagram loves her special ‘Sunday binge’. She is a fitness enthusiast and such an inspiration when it comes to taking care of our health and following a fitness routine and healthy diet. Like every other Sunday, Shilpa uploaded her Sunday binge video this week as well and it is quite easy to say that it is the cutest Sunday Sunday binge video.

Shilpa Shetty Takes Her Pet Truffle For A Sunday Binge!

Shilpa has a tiny munchkin pet dog ‘Truffle’ and she made a grand guest appearance in the recent Sunday binge video. This time Shilpa did not indulge in her delicious cheat meals and tasty foods. Truffle was seen licking off a scoop of vegan ice cream and it seems like she loves to eat ice cream. Shilpa uploaded this cute video on her official Instagram handle with the caption, ‘Some Angels have wings mine has four paws 🐾 🐾 My #Truffle ♥️🧿♥️ Today is her #sundaybinge 🐶and why not!! Pls do not feed your pets any salt or sugar it’s bad for their stomach and coat ( this Icecream is vegan and sugar free).’

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The Video Is So Lovable!

Shilpa explains in the caption how it is bad for our pets to consume salt and sugar and how it can harm them. The video is so fun to watch as the actress starts it by exclaiming Sunday binge and grabbing the dog bowl with a scoop of vegan ice cream for Truffle. The little pet quickly jumped onto the ice cream, drooled over the bowl, and ate it like she was having the best time. Shilpa also took a spoon and fed her little one with some more ice cream. Like every paw-parent, Shilpa too talked with her pet in a cute voice. It was indeed a pawdorable moment!

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Shilpa’s fans and followers are loving the entertaining video with Truffle!