Give Your Buddies A Chocolate Shock With The Amazing Cakes and Confectioneries From ShoCkolaah, Pune

by Kritikka Sudhakar
Give Your Buddies A Chocolate Shock With The Amazing Cakes and Confectioneries From ShoCkolaah, Pune

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ShoCkolaah is an amazing place for ordering your cakes and confectioneries and it is also delivers till mid night.

 What Is It?

ShoCkolaah, Pune is an amazing cake cafe that will give you variety of options in confectioneries at a very economical price. Their specialty is their cake/pastries variety which includes mixed fruit cake, cheese cakes, chocochip caramel, chocolate gooey, choco celebration, choco truffle,butterscotch, mango kiwi, choco hazelnut, raspberry, pineapple blueberry, kiwi, choco fudge walnut brownie and Ferrero Rocher. The cake size ranges from 0.5-3 kg, and the price is from  ₹750-  ₹4500. All of these are extra creamy and chocolaty just as you like it! Then there are strawberry, Red velvet and double chocolate cupcakes just at  ₹50!! Tarts are present which include the Tiramisu, Lemon and Blueberry tart, Almond Frangipane tarts, Choco Walnut Fudge tart.


Also a combo of veg cheese burger and thick, creamy, strong and fresh cold coffee just at  ₹170. Another combo of veg cheese sandwich and iced tea at just ₹125. Other types of rolls, sandwiches, burgers, panini, omelettes and maggi with a variety of veggies and extra cheese are available too.

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What’s Unique?

A set of 6 assorted (if needed, then customized too) cupcakes for ₹270 only! Also you could order a cake for birthdays or anniversaries or to surprise your people as per your customization and it would be delivered to your doorstep even at mid night! So it is time to make your people feel special and give them a chocolate shock surprise! The types of cakes are the cheesecakes, premium cakes including mousse cakes, mocha cakes for chocolate and coffee lovers. Also, exotic cakes can also be opted including the litchi and peach gateau, Berries Gateau, choco mango gateau and others.

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You coukd also go for an alcoholic and the list includes Bailey’s Irish cream cake, Cointreu and rich chocolate cake, Choco rocko rum mousse cake, Malibu fruit cheesecake.

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  1. Shop 1, Hermes Centre, Shastri Nagar, Off Nagar Road, Yerawada, Pune. Contact No: +91 9890132923
    020 41322505
  2. Ganga Constella, Ganga Constella, EON Free Zone, Kharadi, Pune. Contact No: 020 30162253

Working Hours: 9AM to 12AM

Average Cost: ₹200 for two people.


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