Showcasing ‘Real Rajasthan’ In All Its Glory, This Guided Tour Is The Key To A Perfect Holiday!

by Curly Tales Desk
Showcasing ‘Real Rajasthan’ In All Its Glory, This Guided Tour Is The Key To A Perfect Holiday!

Rajasthan is a state full of stunning sights everyone must explore. Numerous palaces and forts are spread throughout the state and they are all stunning with their unique architecture. We often take a trip to Rajasthan to visit city palaces, Hawa Mahal and so many other monuments. We often end up hiring a guide who helps us explore the place and drops in a few facts about the places here and there. But did you ever wonder if you are actually making the most of what Rajasthan offers? Were you sure you were experiencing ‘Real Rajasthan’? To fix just that, Heritage Water Walks comes into play.

What Exactly Does Heritage Water Walks Offer

Heritage Water Walks is actually a passion project started by Neeraj Doshi, who calls himself a seventeenth-generation registani, someone who belongs in the desert. With a realization that the uniqueness and reality of Rajasthani culture and traditions still remain undiscovered by the masses, this initiative of guided tours was taken.

Heritage Water Walks conducts a walking tour of various sites in Rajasthan and unfurls the deep and rich history of those sites. These tours are intense for the eyes and for the minds with stories shared about everything including the architecture, local traditions, cultures, beliefs, political influence, history, and so much more.

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A Guided Tour That Celebrates Rajasthan

As a project, they have stressed the fact that Rajasthan is a water civilisation. It implies its focus on the optimum utilization of a resource that has always been scarce. As an active desert area, every piece of architecture in the region showcases different measures and mechanisms that were taken to conserve water. That is an important part of their carefully curated tours.

Making sure to never overload the tourists with information, the 2 hour long walks are presented as a story. They focus on keeping the group intrigued for more details. Currently, guided tours are available at 3 sites in Jaipur, namely, Amber Palace, Nahargarh Fort and Ramgarh Dam. You can easily book a tour via Trip Advisor.

So what are you waiting for? Book a tour now! For more details, click here.

Duration: 2 hours avg.

Cost: From ₹2,500 onwards

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Heritage Water Walks