This Summer, You May Get To Ride Your E-Bikes In NYC Parks. Details Inside

by Shreya Rathod
This Summer, You May Get To Ride Your E-Bikes In NYC Parks. Details Inside

The city of New York is a major commercial and cultural centre besides being densely populated. Towering skyscrapers, endless energy, pizzas and the famous Times Square are the landmarks of this city. But most importantly, it’s known for its beautiful parks! From Central Park to Tribeca Park, New York is home to more than 150 of them. And from this summer you can ride your e-bikes in NYC parks! Here’s everything you need to know about the new plan that the state’s parks and recreation department is putting together.

Ride Your E-Bikes In NYC Parks!

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The NYC Department of Parks and Recreation had earlier banned the use of electric vehicles in parks and greenways. But now, they are planning to uplift it. And Mayor Eric Adams has unveiled a pilot programme that will allow people to ride e-bikes in the parks. This pilot programme will come into effect this summer.

The programme is called ‘Charge Safe, Ride Safe: New York City’s Electric Micromobility Action Plan’. The plan is aimed to advocate and educate the public about the safe usage of electric vehicles. And creating awareness about the implementation of new federal regulations about the lithium-ion batteries that are used to power the modes of transportation.

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There will be outdoor e-vehicle storage and charging stations installed at Housing Authority complexes in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. In addition to this, similar units will be set for delivery workers at various locations.

Mayor Of The Town Says This!

Mayor Eric Adams of NYC stated that they are trying to make the usage of these vehicles convenient and safe for New Yorkers. And ensuring that faulty devices do not make their way to the streets and cause fires. In addition to this plan, the mayor also prohibited the sale of electric vehicles that are below the safety standards and banned the re-used lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, the fire department has been directed to launch a programme to create awareness of risks related to lithium batteries. As for now, the programme will be a trial.

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So, this summer you may get to ride your e-bikes in the beautiful parks of New York City!

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