New York Tops The Chart Of The Most Expensive Cities For Business Travel

by Shreya Ghosh
New York Tops The Chart Of The Most Expensive Cities For Business Travel

The last couple of years has been quite a roller coaster for everyone because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world started easing travel restrictions, the tourism sector witnessed a major spike, be it travelling for business purposes or leisure. Do you know which is the most expensive city in the world known for business travel? If not, read on to know all about this list of the costliest places for business travel globally.

New York Leads The List Of Most Expensive Locations For Business Travel

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When we talk about the costliest places in the world, New York always makes sure to be on that chart. And when it comes to just travelling for business, this city also leaves its presence quite remarkable. It is not a secret how expensive New York can be and the Big Apple surely burnt a hole in business travellers’ pockets. According to ECA International, it cost about $796 for staying in New York City every day for business travel purposes in 2022.

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The cities that made it to the Top 10 expensive cities globally for business travel:

  1. New York- $796
  2. Geneva- $700
  3. Washington DC- $658
  4. Zurich- $641
  5. San Fransisco- $609
  6. Tel Aviv- $595
  7. Los Angeles- $584
  8. London- $583
  9. Luanda- $564
  10. Paris- $557

Several Cities In The United States Have Made Their Names To This List

From New York topping the chart of being the most expensive city for business travel, San Francisco, Washington DC, the capital of the USA, and Los Angeles also made it to this list.

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When it comes to Asia, Hong Kong is the costliest city for business travel. The average cost per day here is $520. The expenses of travelling have surely seen a surge and the inflation everywhere in the market is a major reason for the rise in total cost.

ECA International shared this list of the most expensive cities in the world for business travel. The results of this research are from the year 2022 and the cost of 4-start hotel rooms, meals throughout the days, and secondary expenses have been taken into consideration.

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