These Are World’s Happiest Cities To Travel To. And, India’s Kanpur Is One Of Them

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
These Are World’s Happiest Cities To Travel To. And, India’s Kanpur Is One Of Them

Travelling does make one happy, but how about travelling to a place that is one of the happiest itself? Here is a list of the 40 happiest cities in the world by the Happiest City Index for you to plan your next, literally, happy vacation. The best part? India’s Kanpur has made it to the list of happiest cities and is also the only city from India on the list. Proud? Very much!

Kanpur Is One Of The Happiest Cities In The World

The Happiest City Index has released a list of 40 cities around the world that are ideal for tourists. On the list, there is only one Indian city, and that city is Kanpur. The city is famous for its leather produce, rich heritage, delicious food, lovely parks, vibrant nightlife, and markets. 

This city ranked 11th on the list of 40 happiest cities in the world and is the only Indian city on the list. Kanpur was chosen and ranked as one of the happiest cities by measuring its aspects on various happiness factors. It ranked ninth on the friendliest people factor. The cost of living in this place is 311.38 and the life expectancy is 70.42. 

Pic credits: Wikimedia commons

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Happiness Factors

The first five happy cities on the list were Lisbon, Barcelona, Athens, Rome and Sydney.

The list was decided based on the various happiness factors like friendliest people, sunshine, life expectancy, cost of living, and weekly working hours. Surprisingly, Kanpur is the cheapest place to go of all the 40 happiest cities on the list. 

The city was also named one of the top ten sunniest in the world.It also ranked as one of the 10 cities with the friendliest people. 

Afterwards, each city received a score between 1 and 40 based on how it performed in that particular aspect. 40 points, for instance, would be awarded to the metropolis with the most sunshine hours. For every one of the five variables, this was repeated. 

Each of the five happiness factor scores for each city was added, and then the total was divided by five to get the overall happiness number.

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When are you heading to Kanpur?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia commons