Singapore Eases Covid-19 Rules Including Indoor Masks And 7-Day Quarantine Requirements

by Sanmita A
Singapore Eases Covid-19 Rules Including Indoor Masks And 7-Day Quarantine Requirements

Singapore is finally easing its Covid-19 rules about wearing masks indoors and the 7-day quarantine mandate. According to a notification issued by the government, Singapore folks will no longer need to wear masks except only in a few places. The rules will ease from August 24, 2022, onwards. After that, however, one will require to wear masks in crowded places, cramped places and other vulnerable places.

Where Does One Need To Wear Masks?

The Singapore government has asked people to wear masks if they avail of medical emergency services. Therefore, it will be required in hospital settings, polyclinic facilities and all other facilities where food and beverage are available. In addition, in all medical areas where there is a probability of getting infected by Covid-19, it is necessary to wear masks. Apart from places, people will need to wear masks on trains and other public transport. The food handlers will also require masks to maintain food hygiene. People will, however, no longer need to wear the mask at events and workplaces.

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Mask-Wearing At Airports

People travelling via Singapore airlines do not have to wear, per the new Covid-19 rules and regulations. However, people transiting the Changi airport need to wear masks. Singapore airlines also informed that their website would keep updating the Covid-19 rules and visitors need to visit the websites to keep themselves aware. The mask-wearing mandate and Covid-19 rules differ nationwide, and no two countries have similar rules. Although most of the world has opened its borders for travellers, there are still a few countries like Japan that are yet to ease travel for tourists.


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