Singapore’s Changi Airport Becomes Asia’s Busiest Airport As International Passengers Throng

by Sanmita A
Singapore’s Changi Airport Becomes Asia’s Busiest Airport As International Passengers Throng

The world is going back to normalcy, with people beginning to travel once again. While, we are loving the fact that we are getting to see our favourite places once again, the aviation sector is limping in terms of normalcy. With time and getting more resources in the aviation sector, that need will also be met. Recently, in a data compiled by Sobie Aviation, Singapore’s Changi Airport emerged as the busiest in Asia by handling a whopping 7.3 million passengers.

Changi Airport, Followed By Delhi Airport & Bangkok Airport

After Singapore’s Changi Airport, India’s Indira Gandhi International Airport served the highest number of passengers. With Delhi is Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport coming in second with 3.2 million. Additionally, Seoul Incheon Airport catered to 2.9 million passengers and Kuala Lumpur International Airport attended 2.6 million passengers. Meanwhile, take a look at the beautiful Changi airport in Singapore –

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Exploring This Breathtaking Airport In Asia

It is always nice if you things to do while you’re waiting for your flight. Especially, if you are at an airport as gorgeous as Changi, here are a few things you can totally do and have fun before you board your flight.

  • First, enjoy the views and freshness from the T1 outdoor gardens
  • Go to the Food Kiosk to gorge on some delicacies
  • And, try some duty free retail therapy from the stores
  • And most importantly, check out the roof top swimming pool at this bar – Aerotel

Well, Changi Airport has become a place that you can totally explore. And if you are the kind who love photographs, this place is totally instaworthy! You’ll be amazed with the ambience in the airport and honestly, it is a sight to behold.

Meanwhile, check out this spectacular visual of the airport we are totally in awe of!


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