Singapore Names Netaji’s Delhi Chalo Site As Country’s 75th National Monument

by Sanmita A
Singapore Names Netaji’s Delhi Chalo Site As Country’s 75th National Monument

Singapore, on the event of its 57th National Day, tagged the 200-year-old, green open space, Padang as the country’s 75th National Monument. Padang has a long history of standing witness to mega world events, one of them being Indian freedom fighter, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose giving out the slogan ‘Delhi Chalo’. This slogan is an iconic one said by Netaji in Pandang, Singapore. The event happened way back in 1943 and Netaji was one among India’s eminent freedom fighters who participated in the independence struggle.

Singapore Names Padang As National Monument

Padang is one of the oldest sites in Singapore and holds significance for many iconic moments. It is an open field, and as per reports, is now being protected under the Preservation of Monuments Act in Singapore. In the past, Padang was one of the places that was accessible to the public. It was also mentioned in a PTI report, that Padang held great significance for the Indian history too.

Singapore National Monument

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India & Singapore’s Relations

Padang has been named as the 75th National Monument in Singapore and in the past, it has bore witness to many significant moments for India. It was in Padang that Subhash Chandra Bose had addressed the INA, and gave the very famous slogan ‘Delhi Chalo’. In 1945, the victory parade of Japanese surrender also took place in Padang. Celebrations of all kinds like royal birthdays, celebrations and festivals take place in Padang. Experts and officials shared that Padang has been a place that holds the roots of the ‘country’s history and heritage’ as reported by PTI.

Padang is the spot where sport enthusiasts gather every weekend and tournaments like soccer and softball. Starting from international tournaments to locals games, all kinds of activities take place in Singapore’s historic site, Padang.

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