India To Open 790 Indigenous Food Streets Inspired By Singapore’s Open-Air Food Courts

food streets in india like singapore
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 233

Singapore has a thriving street food culture. The world-famous open-air food courts in Singapore have been conferred UNESCO status. The vibrant hawker centres are known to serve fresh Indian curry puffs, Malay noodles, charcoal roasted duck and many more freshly prepared delicacies. Taking a leaf from Singapore’s book, India is all set to launch 790 indigenous food streets across the country. Read on to know more.

India To Launch 790 Indigenous Street Food Hubs

In order to promote India’s vibrant street food culture, 790 Indigenous Food Streets (IFS) will be launched across the country. The authorised vending zone will serve locals and tourists delicious, freshly-prepared, safe and hygienic local dishes that would celebrate street food at its best. Similar to Singapore’s street food model, street food vendors will be nestled in specific lanes, markets and alleys that are prominent tourist destinations.

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158 Food Streets To Be Created Per Year

Street food vendors will be provided with food carts, gas, light, washrooms, waste disposal,  hand washing stations and even parking facilities.  The Ministry will create 158 such streets per year for five years. A budget of ₹395 crore has been allocated for the ambitious project. With ₹50 lakh allocated per street in 5 years. Are you excited to witness a structured street food system in India like Singapore? Well, we surely are.


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