Skip Lahaul And Spiti And Visit Kinnaur Covered With Orchards, Fields And Hamlets

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Skip Lahaul And Spiti And Visit Kinnaur Covered With Orchards, Fields And Hamlets

We have all heard about Lahaul and Spiti but this time ditch the two and visit Kinnaur. India’s Himachal Pradesh state has 12 administrative districts, Kinnaur is one of them. The district has the second-lowest population density in Himachal Pradesh. The Slopes here are dotted with thick mountain forests, orchards, fields, and picturesque hamlets. Here are some of the interesting things to do in Kinnaur

Trek to Lamkhaga

Lamkhaga Pass, connecting the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh to Harshil in Uttrakhand, is one of the toughest passes in the world. The Dhauladhar Range, on the Indo-China Border, links Garhwal with Himachal Pradesh. The altitude from sea level is 17320 ft. which is enough information for you to imagine the view. 

Pic Credits: Tour My India

Try Fishing At River Baspa

Near the Indo-Chinese border rises the flowing Baspa river which forms the most scenic Himalayan valley, the Baspa Valley. The clear waters of the Baspa river make fishing here a memorable experience. Tourists take permission from the locals for trout fishing during the day. Between the months of April and October is when trout fishing is done. 

Pic Credits: The New York Times

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Valley Crossing On A Rope

You can try valley crossing at Camping Sanga Valley and Apple Orchard Valley. This activity is sure for the ones who love adventure as you are hanging by a rope and below is the raging river, but it is worth a try. The experience is for sure one of the bests though might seem dangerous at first. 

Pic credits: Yrelka Holiday camp

Visit Lipa Asrang Wildlife Sanctuary 

If you are a nature lover, well then this place has to be a must-visit on your list. The sanctuary is home to many animals including yaks, leopards, ibex, gorals, brown bears, blue sheep, Himalayan black bears, musk deer, and others. The place is a paradise for peace seekers as well. 

Pic Credits : Tour My India

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