Sleep Under Stars In This Gangtok Hostel With Glass Ceiling At Just ₹700 Per Night

by Sanmita A
Sleep Under Stars In This Gangtok Hostel With Glass Ceiling At Just ₹700 Per Night

Hostel experiences are different from hotels, resorts or private properties. They have their own, wild essence, and travellers who live in hostels once, don’t really get over it. A hostel in Sikkim is providing its guests with an experience worth millions. Despite being available at an affordable rate of ₹700/Night, this Gangtok hostel named Tag-Along 2.0 provides exclusive services. If you love pretty properties, that have a lot of company, pretty surroundings, and are all things touristy, this Gangtok Hostel must be your choice.

Gangtok Hostel – Tag Along 2.0 Has Charming Views

This Gangtok Hotel is known for its ambience. If you’re willing to work from a vacation space, then Tag Along 2.0 can provide you with all the services. They have WIFI, a dedicated workspace, other facilities like hair dryers, washing machines and things which are travel essentials. And no, they don’t rush you, so you can stay in this Gangtok Hotel for a long time too. Unwind, chill and refresh yourself amid the beautiful mountains, chirping birds and warm souls.

And word has it, that they offer discounts too, if extend your stay and be the best guest!

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Workstation In The Hills

Additionally, for travellers who love their private space, there are rooms available for them too. Basically, this property has curated its services along the lines of travellers’ likes and dislikes. The much gorgeous Gangtok Hostel has enthralling natural exteriors, but you will be equally surprised by the rich aesthetics in the interiors of the property. And as new or first-time travellers in Sikkim, Tag Along can be a great choice, as this Gangtok Hostel believes in helping you explore the state of Sikkim from a different perspective. Only a true traveller, understands another, so it is understood that Tag Along having travellers in their team will just better the experience of guests in Gangtok.

And did we mention, that they have a pretty cafe too, The Travel Cafe which looks as pretty as ever, especially in the backdrop of Sikkim? Well, the mountains do turn everything magical. So, don’t wait, book this Gangtok Hostel today and head to this gorgeous state in India.

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