Take A Dip In These 5 Hot Springs In Sikkim Surrounded By Stunning Vistas

by Sanmita A
Take A Dip In These 5 Hot Springs In Sikkim Surrounded By Stunning Vistas

Sikkim’s 1st snow, hilly roads, snow-capped mountains, and the pretty city is a travellers’ dream. It falls as one of the most sought-after hill destinations for travellers. Despite being a small state, Sikkim is a treasure chest of amazing views, spots and natural surroundings. Also, you shouldn’t miss out on the hot springs in Sikkim. Yes, folks, it is not only Himachal and Uttarakhand that have natural hot springs but Sikkim. And when you are exploring this city, make sure you take a dip and rejuvenate yourself.

1. Ralong Hot Spring

The Ralong Hot Spring holds a lot of religious significance among the people of Sikkim. Ralong is located at a distance of 7 km from Borong Village. The hot spring is also famously known as Ralang Cha-Chu. If you are an ardent bird watcher, then along with the hot dip, you will love sighting the pretty birds too within the vicinity.

2. Yumthang Hot Spring

Located at a nearby distance from the Yumthang village, the Yumthang hot spring is a famous one in Sikkim. If you wish to take a dip here, there are basic facilities available for travellers. This is a memory to be cherished, so do not miss out on the experience if you get the time and chance to do so!

3. Yumesamdong Hot Spring

A little further away, this place Yumesamdong is a hot spring spot that attracts a lot of visitors. It is said that the spot is covered in snow almost throughout the year. The spot is around 25 km from Yumthang, but it will be worth your time and effort. The hills have a lot of gorgeous spots, and you will find soaking in this part of Sikkim a relaxing and refreshing experience.

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4. Reshi Hot Spring

This hot spring is a famous one and does have a lot of visitors. It nestles near the River Rangeet and like some hot springs in Uttarkhand, Reshi is said to have healing properties. So, why not take a dip and rejuvenate your mind and skin too. Further, you can explore other places in this part of Sikkim. It is said that a cave of significance for Sikkim folks is located here – Kah-do Sang phu.


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5. Gangyap Hot Spring

This spot is located in West Sikkim, but the trek is worth it when you get to enjoy a refreshing bathing experience there. All you have to do is take almost an hour-long trek from the village of Gangyap to reach there.

There are several exceptionally scenic hot springs nestled among the hills in Sikkim and if you are visiting, make sure you do experience bathing in these natural healing waters.

Have you taken a hot bath in any unexplored hot springs in Sikkim? Let us know!

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