Sneak Peek Into The Bigg Boss 13 House

by Sanjana Shenoy
Sneak Peek Into The Bigg Boss 13 House

It’s that time of the year again when India screams in unison Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss! It’s that time of the year again when Bollywood Superstar, Salman Khan’s hosting, contestants’ day to day banters and the house of Bigg Boss enters the homes of viewers in the nation. Our Chief Travelling Officer, Kamiya Jani visited the Bigg Boss house this week. And we at Curly Tales, couldn’t be more excited to reveal the Bigg Boss 13 house to you.

What’s In It?

With your favourite Indian reality show right around the corner, we know there is total excitement in the air. Let’s tell you that the sets of this year’s Bigg Boss, is bigger, grander and much more trippier. Unlike previous years, the sets of Bigg Boss 13 have been erected in Mumbai’s Film City instead of Lonavla.

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With vibrant pop-up art, colourful elements, fantasy-like ambience, the house will totally give you chill vibes. Omung Kumar and the makers of Bigg Boss this year have erected a Bigg Boss Museum. Right from the outdoor garden, you will witness a majestic BB installation with benches on either side. The garden also has a beautiful garden bed, where contestants can relax and chat over the evening.

Once you catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Bigg Boss 13 living room area, you’re sure to remember Alice In Wonderland’s, Mad Hatter’s tea party scene. The purple-pink walls, colourful framed paintings, funky graffiti and plush chairs is just breathtaking.

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You will also find fascinating animal installations hanging from the pink walls, legs suspended in the air, kiss prints around, upside down chessboard and jigsaw designs. Yes, the Bigg Boss 13 House looks right out of a fairytale. A beautiful purple sofa filled with artsy pillows ( Frida Kahlo too!) where contestants can sit and watch Salman Khan on TV every week, is located in the room.

 A gorgeous mirrored dining table with colourful chairs, fit for the royals,  perfectly elevates the sets. The dining table is beautifully lit with a hanging chandelier in the shape of roots.

The Bigg Boss kitchen, where contestants usually argue about groceries, is designed in a sombre manner, as compared to the vibrant living room. We found the embedded kitchenware on the walls, really interesting.

The Bigg Boss bedroom is vibrantly decorated. The beds are covered with pastel-shaded bed sheets and have neatly folded pink blankets. The bedroom wall has a splash of colours and pop-art.

There is also a beautiful section of the house which is filled with colourful paintings, the signature Bigg Boss Eye, golden lights shimmering through and quirky art gleaming through.

So the artsy, unique, trippy Bigg Boss 13 house has totally got us excited this year. We really can’t wait to catch up on our favourite contestants, battling it out, at this gorgeous fantasy Bigg Boss 13 house.