Soak In The Charm Of Pelling At This Mountain Retreat In Sikkim Which Is A Natural Sanctum

by Tooba Shaikh
Soak In The Charm Of Pelling At This Mountain Retreat In Sikkim Which Is A Natural Sanctum

The beauty of Sikkim is known to all. Many travellers make their way to Sikkim every year to rejuvenate themselves. There is a certain indescribable quality to the beauty of Sikkim that replenishes your soul and makes you feel like you’ve been reborn. Today, we bring to you a special mountain retreat in Sikkim that will prioritise your relaxation above all else.

The Chumbi Mountain Retreat & Spa

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The Chumbi Mountain Retreat & Spa located in Pelling, West Sikkim, is a luxury retreat centre and spa. Away from the chaos of city life, this retreat centre is perched on top of a hill. The location is perfect for scenic views of ice-capped mountains. For a supreme relaxation experience, you can choose from a number of spas and healing services that they offer. A must-try is their Dottho spa session. It is an ancient healing practice with a herbal hot stone bath and is known for its healing properties which are unique and unparalleled.

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A Relaxing Retreat For Rejuvenating Yourself

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The new year is just around the corner. If you want to start your year feeling rejuvenated and ready for the challenges that 2023 might have in store for you, then treat yourself to this luxurious retreat. With plush furniture and comfy beds, the rooms are so inviting that once you go in, you won’t wanna leave.

If you’re a minimalist, try one of the rooms from the Hermitage block. It contains a total of 38 rooms that are ascetically yet aesthetically decorated. Or try their different suites if luxe living is more your thing:
The Yuksom Suite which is crafted by local artisans and incorporates traditional designs.
The Rabdentse Suite also incorporates the local flavour when it comes to interior, and is also crafted by artisans native to the locale.
The Raj Suite, that has a tinge of British colonial influence, this suite brings you an option that divulges from the traditional interiors but is similarly relaxing.

It is the perfect way to bid adieu to 2022 while getting ready for 2023. Equipped with a restaurant which provides authentic and delicious Sikkimese cuisine, this retreat is the whole package. So make use of your remaining vacation days and head to this retreat in Sikkim for your new year!

Where: Pelling, West Sikkim

Cost: ₹18000 onwards per night

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Cover Image Credits: The Chumbi Mountain Retreat/website