Son Of Street Food Seller, Kashimiri Lad Cleared NEET In 1st Attempt On His Own

by Vinita Jain
Son Of Street Food Seller, Kashimiri Lad Cleared NEET In 1st Attempt On His Own

Dedication and true passion pay off in the end, no matter how challenging the whole situation was. A notable example of this is Merajuddin Khan a resident of Kashmir, who cleared his NEET UG through self-study. Merajuddin’s life hasn’t been easy and replete with struggles. Merajuddin Khan is the son of a Kashmiri street food seller. His father runs a barbeque shop and during rush hours when people flocked to this famous Tujae stall in Baramulla, Merajuddin used to help him also. Tujjae is the Kashmiri name for fried meat served on wooden skewers and is a popular street food.

His parents and family often opposed his decision to pass the NEET exam and enter medical school. However, his parents and family are now overwhelmed as Merrajuddin has cleared NEET despite helping his father run the store. Merajuddin Khan got 591 marks in the exam.

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Struggles Of The Kashmiri Lad

Khan received his primary education at the Hanafia Model School in the Wapura area and attended the Military Goodwill School until the eighth grade. He spent his 10th grade at his MMK School in Nihalpura, after which he attended his secondary school at Government Boys Higher in Baramulla.

Street food seller's son clears NEET
Picture Credit: pixabay

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Khan’s family, with little means, somehow managed to send him for private tuition. However, due to the Covid lockdown, he had to study at home. But the hardworking boy didn’t give up there. He shared that with the help of various online platforms and YouTube videos he studied.

Khan said “I saw that many students had studied on YouTube and cleared NEET, so I thought why can`t I”

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