Soon Alcohol In Ireland Will Have Cancer, Liver Disease Warning Printed In Big Red Letters

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Soon Alcohol In Ireland Will Have Cancer, Liver Disease Warning Printed In Big Red Letters

We have all seen health warnings on cigarettes and tobacco packets. How about reading the same about alcoholic beverages? Not a good idea? Well, from 2026 on, people in Ireland might have to see that. Ireland has come up with some new health warnings that are touted to be the world’s strictest on beer, wine, and spirits. Soon, these beverages will have cancer, liver disease, and other health warnings printed on them. 

Alcohol In Ireland To Have Health Warnings Printed

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The new health warnings by Ireland on alcoholic beverages have put alcohol-producing countries in concern. According to the new law, which was passed by the European Commission, all alcoholic beverages will have a label on them highlighting the risk of liver disease, cancer, and risk of drinking for pregnant women in big red letters. 

The alcohol-producing countries expressed concern that these labels would create an obstacle to trade. About nine wine-producing and beer-producing member countries have opposed this. 

In advance of this week’s committee meetings of the World Trade Organisation, the US and Mexico have expressed worry over the law. New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Argentina, and Australia have all voiced opposition to the measure. 

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Death Toll Because Of Drinking

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The level of anxiety among alcohol manufacturers reflects worries that they would be singled out like the tobacco business, where warnings have been shown in images of diseases caused by tobacco use. Canada announced a rule requiring the printing of health warnings on each individual cigarette last month.

 Stephen Donnelly, the minister for health in Ireland, is adamant about the warnings. 

 According to the OECD’s assessment of alcohol consumption based on preliminary 2021 data, Ireland came in at number 20 out of 48 nations. According to the Department of Health, light to moderate drinking levels were responsible for about 23,000 new cancer cases in 2017, and almost one in every twenty fatalities in 2019 could be linked to alcohol. (As per Moneycontrol)

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