Hotel Room Hack 101: Flight Attendants Share Things To Check Before You Check-In Into Your Hotel Room

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Hotel Room Hack 101: Flight Attendants Share Things To Check Before You Check-In Into Your Hotel Room

If you are not someone who frequently keeps on travelling from city to city or country to country, I am sure you keep looking for handy tips and tricks. Travel hacks or tips can actually make your travel way easier, so never underestimate them. The best kinds of tips are the ones that come from experienced people. So, here are some tips you must note down before you check into your hotel room, as per flight attendants. 

Check this Before You Check-In Into Your Hotel Room

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Flight attendants, as their profession is, have travelled to many cities or countries and stayed in many hotel rooms. So when it’s them giving out some tips or advice, it’s worth noting. 

Esther, a cabin crew member, shared some tips on TikTok. These tricks were for all the travellers who are not frequent with their trips. The Dutch flight attendant asked people to throw a bottle of water under their bed every time they visited their hotel room. This helps one to easily know if there is someone below the bed without having to look down. 

If the bottle does not come out from the other side, which it generally should, you can easily call up the hotel staff and check. 

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Know If Someone Sneaked Into Your Room in Your Absence

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The publication quoted another flight attendant who shared a sneaker hack with her 70,000 followers on TikTok. The flight attendant, Demi Bonita, from Spain, shared a hack that can help you know if someone entered your room in your absence. 

She advised people to put the ‘do not disturb’ card between the doors to easily know if someone has entered the room. 

Another crew member revealed that she does the four key check every single time she enters a hotel room. It means checking places like behind the doors, behind the curtains, under the bed, box springs, and large cabinets. 

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