Soon, These Countries May Be Offering Golden Visa, Says A Report

by Mallika Khurana
Soon, These Countries May Be Offering Golden Visa, Says A Report

Getting citizenship in a foreign country is a huge deal. Most countries have hard norms in place and are very particular about not offering citizenship easily. There are many who don’t offer it at all. For those who really seek citizenship or residency in a country, Golden Visas are a boon. As per the reports from Financial Express, Astons, an expert on residency and citizenship through investment, has reviewed the 13 new nations that are considering offering citizenship or residency by investment (CBI/RBI) programmes. Before we get to the countries offering them, you must know what a golden visa is.

What Is A Golden Visa?

Citizenship by Investment
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Golden visas, also referred to as investor visas or golden passports, are a type of residency or citizenship programme made available by some nations to foreign investors who meet certain investment requirements. Putting a sizeable amount of money into it, it enables people and their families to gain citizenship or residency rights in the nation.

Given that each programme has its own set of eligibility criteria and investment options, the idea of a golden visa differs from nation to nation. Investments in real estate, businesses, government bonds, or the creation of jobs in the host nation are popular choices. The requirements for investments, such as minimum investment amounts, investment duration, and conferred rights to residency or citizenship, vary.

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Countries That Will Soon Be Implementing New CBI

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Now, 13 additional nations are considering implementing fresh CBI (or RBI) programmes. The next four, in Astons’ opinion, will be the choices that investors will favour the most.

1. Maldives

The Maldives has not yet disclosed its threshold, but its CBI programme will be a service for High Net-Worth Individuals. Given that there is no language barrier in the country and it is known to be good for businesses, Astons ranks the Maldives as the best and probably most popular new CBI destination.

2. Greece

Greece has long offered residency by investment (RBI), but deciding to launch a CBI programme is a significant step for the country. Even with the high entry fee, if Greece does launch its CBI programme, it will be incredibly popular. It provides a reliable passport that allows for visa-free travel to 173 nations, including the Schengen Area. Greece is also a part of the European Union, which adds to the value of its citizenship.

3. El Salvador

El Salvador doesn’t offer a full CBI programme anymore, however, it is still considering a residency by investment (RBI) programme. Also known as a Golden Visa, it will be very affordable with a minimum investment of just $100,000. Astons anticipates that even though this is not a full CBI offering, the programme will be sought-after by Americans looking forward to a life after retirement.

4. Mauritius

Mauritius is a stunning country, popular for its stunning reefs and crystal-clear lagoons. It is one of the safest destinations in the world for Americans to visit. It is also classified as a Level 1 country by the US government. Mauritian citizenship is anticipated to be available for $500,000 plus $100,000 for each dependent.

A lot of aspects make for the perfect country for citizenship by investment, and these are certainly on top for good reason!

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