Soon, You Will Be Able To Travel From Chennai To Bengaluru In Just 2 Hrs! Here’s How

by Shreya Rathod
Soon, You Will Be Able To Travel From Chennai To Bengaluru In Just 2 Hrs! Here’s How

Chennai and Bengaluru are important cities in India. They are one of the top-growing cities, especially in South India. The train that connects them takes around six hours. The Southern railway authorities have decided to launch a new semi-high-speed line that will cover the distance in just two hours. Here is everything you need to know about the Chennai-Bengaluru train.

Southern Railways To Introduce A New Bengaluru-Chennai Train!

southern railways chennai to bengaluru
Credits: Southern Railways/ Facebook

A new semi-high-gauge line that the Southern Railway plans to open will cut the trip from Bengaluru to Chennai by two hours. In a few months, the train — which has a top speed of 200 kph — will be delivered to the cities.

Two executive-class coaches will be among the 16 regular coaches on the train. The 350 km distance between the two cities will be covered in 2 hours and 15 minutes of travel time. The Railway Minister has proposed a budget of ₹8.3 crore. Southern Railway wants to rehabilitate the track so that it can support up to 200 kph train speeds. This year is the projected completion date for the improvement.

The Bengaluru-Chennai line is expected to become one of India’s quickest after the launch of a new train service. The Vande Bharat Express, which travels at an average speed of 81 km per hour and takes 4 hours, 25 minutes to complete, is the fastest train on the Bengaluru-Chennai line.

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The Southern Railways Of India

southern railways chennai to bengaluru
Credits: Wikimedia

The Southern Railway is one of the 19 zones of Indian Railways and is headquartered in Chennai. It is the first of the 19 Indian Railways zones established when India gained independence. After the Indian Railways reorganised the existing railway zones and established new zones between 2002 and 2003, Southern Railway emerged as the fourth-largest zone after completing certain gauge conversion projects and establishing new lines.

This network covers small parts of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as well as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Puducherry. Each year, the network carries more than 50 crore passengers. The newly approved railway project for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands will also include the Andaman and Nicobar regions.

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The Southern Railway’s trains are considered to be the cleanest and best-maintained trains on the Indian Railways.

Cover Image Courtesy: Southern Railways/ Facebook