South Africa’s Johannesburg Hit With An Earthquake Of 5.0 Magnitude After Midnight! Watch!

by Shreya Rathod
South Africa’s Johannesburg Hit With An Earthquake Of 5.0 Magnitude After Midnight! Watch!

Earthquakes are one of the most tragic natural calamities. A sudden release of energy is released in the lithosphere. Earthquakes can range in strength, from those that are so small that no one can feel them to those that are powerful enough to devastate entire cities. The South African city of Johannesburg witnessed an earthquake of magnitude 5.0; here are the details!

South Africa’s Johannesburg Hit By An Earthquake!

On Sunday, tremors from an earthquake were felt in Johannesburg, South Africa. This earthquake had a Richter scale value of 5.0. According to reports, the earthquake was 10 kilometres deep. Media reports state that the earthquake was felt at 2:38 PM.

There were several rocking houses there due to their strength. Internet users are posting videos of the earthquake that show the house’s outside trembling erratically, according to CCTV footage. One can determine the earthquake’s severity by watching this video.

Locals are posting pictures and videos of destroyed homes on social media. The information we have received indicates that no one has perished as a result of the shocks. After the earthquake, disaster management teams were sent to the location. The Johannesburg emergency services were on alert following the earthquake, according to a spokesperson.

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The earthquake’s epicentre was at Boksburg, 20 km east of Johannesburg. There were earthquakes detected in Johannesburg’s environs.

Earthquakes Of Higher Magnitudes Were Witnessed

Social media is flooded with images and videos following this earthquake. There was an earthquake of 5.3 magnitude earlier in August 2014. The most recent 6.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in 1969. There are currently worries that Johannesburg may experience further earthquakes in the near future. People are recommended to exercise caution as a result.

However, the Great Chilean Earthquake, which devastated the town of Valdivia in southern Chile on May 22, 1960, was the strongest earthquake ever recorded. On the moment magnitude scale (MMS), it is estimated to have measured 9.5.

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A total of 6,000 people perished, and the tsunamis that followed claimed 130 lives in Japan and almost 60 in Hawaii. Comment below and tell us if you have ever experienced an earthquake.

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