8 Souvenirs To Bring Back Home When Traveling Abroad

by Shrestha Purkayastha
by Shrestha Purkayastha335

A great place to have memory is when you go on vacation. There are many wonderful memories that can be made from travelling and experiencing new things in life, but one of the best parts about going somewhere different every time would have been being able to bring home all these amazing stories for our grandkids someday. What will support those stories that you tell will be the souvenirs that you will carry around your home as a memory of your good old times.

In a world where travel has become so easy and accessible, people often forget about the importance of capturing their memories. A trip isn’t really complete without bringing home some unique souvenirs from your travels for friends or family that will help you tell stories over dinner at home. Everywhere around us, we can find things with great meaning behind them: artworks in museums; wines from specific regions collected by wine enthusiasts who want to share their passion with others through tasting instructions on label lingo like “sparkling” or even just saying they’re red.

Plan before the trip

 You might have been considering moving to Abu Dhabi to see beautiful landscapes and a great culture. Abu Dhabi is one of the great places to visit in the Middle East that can offer you exciting and captivating experiences. The Middle East as a whole is the land of the greatest deserts which captivate your eyes with their beauty, it has its golden jewel, Dubai which is visited by 15 million visitors every year. However, the possibilities of travelling and experiencing new places are endless. You can start slowly by visiting the Andes and their wonders first.

The best way to have a great time abroad is by packing the right items before you take off from home. Without hiking boots and clothes, it might be hard for you to collect souvenirs in the Andes Mountains. That’s why we should always ensure that your luggage contains everything necessary prior to our departure so there will not be anything left behind at any point during the travel period.

The Andes are home to some of the world’s best mountain biking. This opportunity is an excellent chance for thrill-seekers who want an adrenaline rush.  If this sounds like something up your alley then it is highly recommended to take advantage and rent one or two bikes as a way of truly enjoying the Andes. However, if you are less adventurous than that, this might not be your cup of tea. In such a case, consider getting an international driving permit so you will be able to drive around and enjoy the view as it is.

Now going back to where we started, the souvenirs; below we will list eight original Chilean items to bring back home:

1. Lapis Lazuli

You can bring home unique and stunningly beautiful jewellery made from Lapis Lazuli for a small amount of money. This stone is magical with its calming blue colour that will make an average piece of jewellery look irresistible by comparison. Gift shops across the world stock up on these pieces but if you’re looking for better prices be sure to head over to one major marketplace in Santiago – Bellavista District where there are many vendors selling their goods at incredibly cheap costs.

Picture Credits: GIA

2. Some copper

Santiago is home to some of Chile’s most valuable exports – copper. If you’re looking for a piece that will be both worthy and affordable, then take your pick from the many intricate pieces on offer here. You can find anything made out of copper including personalised items such as initials or images drawn onto plates which are also available at an artisan level if desired.

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3. Traditional Chilean outfit

If you like to dance, then there’s no need for worry in Chile. There are many dancing opportunities in Chile, but if you’re looking for a special experience it’s worth checking out this South American nation. Every country has its own distinct outfits and the same goes with Cueca dance – which requires all dancers to be dressed up brightly by wearing an adornment on their head called el sombrero Chileno (the straw hat). The clothes vary depending on where people live, some need ponchos while others prefer Huaso jackets or even just t-shirts!

The beauty of Chilean culture shines through when one watches these passionate performances unfold as they’re meant not only for fun but also because everyone takes part together forming what locals call ‘corridays.’

Hausa women have a unique style that can’t be missed. They wear the hat, boots and poncho with their colourful dresses layered over top in shades of purple or pink to match what’s growing in your own garden back home. If you’re looking for gifts from abroad then this is just perfect because not only will they bring good memories but also an entire outfit costs less than $300 USD which means you can afford it and enjoy the memories.

Picture Credits: Pinterest

4. Onitas

For a fun souvenir, visit Patagonia and get one of these beautiful stuffed animals. Made by local artisans from the Ona community as representation for their dancing tradition. You can also find nice ones that are made in iconic Chilean destinations or famous people’s shapes like Elon Musk with his Tesla Roadster driven across Mars. When you go on vacation don’t leave without getting some kind of memento – why not buy an item crafted by locals?

Picture Credits: Panalstore

 5. Alpaca

Alpaca wool is usually associated with sweaters and warm clothing, but it can also be used to make ponchos. The alpaca wool from Chilean lamas is used to make ponchos, scarves and jackets. The fibre comes with long fibres that can withstand the coldness of high elevations in Andes Mountains regions like where they live.

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Picture Credits: novica.com

6. Hand-made pottery

For those who are looking for a nice gift to give their mothers, the clay pot is an excellent option. The traditional utensils from Greda hold up well and they never forget how it tastes with every use as long as you bring some dishes back home. You can learn recipes too if that interests you – just make sure your loved ones know what ingredients they need before cooking them so nothing gets lost in translation.

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7. Vuelvo al Sur

All products from Vuelvo al Sur have a unique design that is inspired by ancient Chilean culture and fabric patterns. They sell hats, gloves, socks – you name it! They have designs with Chilean culture mixed into them while also paying homage to traditional fabrics used by locals of the southern regions such as Santiago.

Picture Credits: Panalstore

8. Moai Statue

The first step to experiencing authentic Easter Island culture is by visiting the Moai Statues. Once there, you will want to buy something that was made from one of these stones and take pictures or videos for your family back home.

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If you’re like me, then the last thing on your mind after bringing home tons of gifts for everyone is buying something to decorate at home. So don’t start panicking just yet! Order a beautiful canvas art piece with scenes from Santiago’s skyline and landscapes that will remind you of nature’s beauty.


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