SpiceJet Crew Help Man Find Lost Phone. He Legit Wrote A Poem To Thank Them!

by Sanjana Shenoy
SpiceJet Crew Help Man Find Lost Phone. He Legit Wrote A Poem To Thank Them!

You’d often come across tweets and Insta-posts bashing airlines for their flight delays, unpleasant food and service. But there are times when passengers take to social media to create awareness of their pleasant flying experiences and heartwarming interactions with the crew. Recently, the SpiceJet crew helped a man find his lost phone. In return, he legit wrote a poem to thank them.

SpiceJet Passenger Thanks The Crew For Helping Him Find His Phone

Sudeep Shukla(@SudeepS65956279) tweeted a message to the SpiceJet crew thanking them for helping him find his lost phone. He hailed the SpiceJet crew and Mumbai T2 ground staff, Tejal Makwana and Aquib who assisted him in finding his lost phone on the SG202 flight. He also went on to thank the SG202 air hostess for routing him to the information desk. For SpiceJet, Sandeep Shukla stated that the airline proved that both honesty and dedication continue to exist in difficult times. 

Here’s what he stated in his tweet, “SpiceJet,you proved today that honesty and dedication still exist in these difficult times. Shout out to your Mumbai T2 ground staff Tejal Makwana and Aquib who found my lost phone on the SG202 flight. Thanks to the SG202 airhostess too for routing me to info desk.”

Tweeted A Poem In Gratitude

SpiceJet replied to Sandeep Shukla by stating We love hearing when our team is able to help out, Sudeep, especially during stressful times. We’ll make sure they sees your nice compliment. Thank you for flying with #RedHotSpicy.” But that’s not all, Sandeep Shukla went the extra mile by even writing a heartfelt poem to SpiceJet, thanking the crew for helping him find his lost phone. Shocking? But true! 

His poem goes like this —Your #RedhotSpice team kept me cool as ice while finding the phone. “Thy name is Spice but you cool as ice, You make my flight an absolute delight, Yes O’ Yes I will fly with Spice, Not once or twice but eternally Spice.”

SpiceJet in turn thanked him for his heartfelt compliments. And told Sudeep that it was their pleasure to serve him.  Well, what do you think about thanking the airline with a poem? Would you ever do this?

Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons