Spread Over 20 Hectares, Fujairah Adventure Park Guarantees Adrenaline Pumping Experiences

by Deeplata Garde
Spread Over 20 Hectares, Fujairah Adventure Park Guarantees Adrenaline Pumping Experiences

Does your heart pump to set out for an adventurous trail? If an adrenaline rush is something you get your kick from, then we might have a plan to fit in. The Fujairah Adventure Park is the perfect place to hone one’s athletic skills. Younger people can find their sporting talent. The UAE government developed this Park, along with other initiatives of a similar nature, to foster a tourism culture in the city of Fujairah.

Plan Your Adventurous Expedition In Fujairah Adventure Park

Numerous thrilling sporting events are spread out at the Fujairah Adventure Camp. Every activity is accordingly compiled to suit the local environment. So you could participate in the amazing sea, desert, and alpine sports.

The ultimate goal of this location was to motivate people to practise their favourite sport. The objective was for people to alongside learn about the emirate’s hilly terrain. The Fujairah Adventure Park has relevantly assisted in making Fujairah a popular vacation spot for UAE citizens and foreign tourists.

Apart from the adventure, people have the access to amenities such as shuttle service, restrooms & showers, coffee shops, cinemas and parking. Medical assistance is also available in case of an emergency.

Things To Do At Fujairah Adventure Park

There are numerous activities available at this park. So make travel plans and take in these fantastic attractions.

Dirt Jumping

Fujairah Adventure Park
Pic Credits: Canva Image

This activity is all about riding bikes over sculpted moulds of dirt and soil. Here you have around 1.320 sqm of jumps with 4 levels of difficulty. The area can comprise 100 riders at once.

Pump Track

Fujairah Adventure Park
Pic Creds: Fujairah Adventure Park

This park has the first asphalt pump track of its sort in the Middle East. You ride a non-pedalling continuous loop of dirt berms and “rollers.” The purpose of a pump track is to sustain your pace around the course without pedalling by using this pumping motion.

Mountain Bike Trail

Fujairah Adventure Park
Pic Creds: Fujairah Adventure Park

Here the trail has a systemically designed track that maintains the rider’s momentum to ride using minimal pedalling and braking. The track is spread across 15kms and can hold 500 riders together.

Wall Climbing

Fujairah Adventure Park
Pic Creds: Fujairah Adventure Park

Climb the monolith which is 7.9m long. It is big enough to let 100 climbers crawl per hour. The rock offers five different climbing routes, several overhangs, and a climbing surface of more than 152 square metres.

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Hike Trails

Fujairah Adventure Park
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Set out on the best hiking experience in Fujairah. The trail measures 20kms. Be ready to encounter picturesque vistas during this expedition.

Kid Zone & Camp Area

fujairah Adventure Park
Pic Creds:fujairah Adventure Park

The park is full of outdoor activities encompassing thrill-seeking adventures for the young ones. The campground has a grill area and a bonfire place for each camping spot.

The park provides free guest parking spaces and 24-hour security for your protection.

Where: Al Faseel
When: Sun-Thurs- 08 am to 09 pm Fri- Sat- 8 am-8 pm
Ticket: All Day Pass- 120 AED

Cover Image Courtesy: Fujairah Adventure Park