Starting At AED 1.79M, Expo City’s Sky Residences Comes With Courtyard, Spectacular Views, and More

Revolutionizing urban living With Expo City Dubai's Sky Residences.

by Deeplata Garde
Starting At AED 1.79M, Expo City’s Sky Residences Comes With Courtyard, Spectacular Views, and More

Tucked within the heart of Expo City Dubai, the unveiling of Sky Residences at Expo Central signifies a significant milestone. It’s a landmark achievement in the city’s ongoing commitment to redefine urban living. This residential jewel boasts a diverse range of one to three-bedroom apartments.

A Green Oasis At Expo Central

Sky Residences
Pic Creds: Expo City

Situated within the dynamic Expo Central communities, Sky Residences emerges as a sustainable oasis. The strategic location provides residents with a unique 15-minute lifestyle. Also, it seamlessly connects them to the city’s vibrant attractions, diverse restaurants & cafes, and thriving business neighbourhood. Expo City Dubai aims to create a haven where residents can experience the perfect blend of modernity and tranquillity.

Phase Two Revelation: Sky Residences From AED 1.79M

Building on the success of Mangrove Residences, Sky Residences marks the exciting beginning of Expo Central’s second phase. These thoughtfully designed apartments, with prices starting from AED 1.79 million, promise spectacular views, courtyards & more. Also. it is a harmonious integration of convenience and eco-conscious living. Anticipated for handover in Q3 2026, Expo City Dubai aims to foster a vibrant and sustainable urban community.

Positioned steps away from the Surrealwater feature, Sky Residences exemplifies Expo City Dubai’s commitment to seamless living. Here, technology harmoniously integrates with serene surroundings. Surrounded by lush podium gardens and sky terraces, residents can enjoy not just a home but a holistic living experience with convenient access to city-wide mobility options.

Hub of Innovation And Well-Being

Sky Residences
Pic Creds: Expo City/ Website

Expo City Dubai is rapidly transforming into a multifaceted hub for business, innovation, culture, and entertainment. Beyond attracting short-term visitors, it is becoming an increasingly desirable home for long-term residents. Designed as an inclusive, innovation-driven, and people-centric city, Expo City Dubai prioritizes the well-being and happiness of its residents, redefining urban living through innovative, environmentally friendly design.

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Expo City Dubai’s Sustainable Commitment

The commitment to sustainable urban living is at the core of Expo City Dubai’s ethos. Their roadmap, aimed at achieving net-zero by 2050 and broader decarbonization targets, exemplifies the city’s dedication to environmental responsibility. The ecosystem within Expo City fosters cross-sector collaboration, supporting businesses of all sizes, and reinforces Dubai’s position as a global centre of trade.

Cover Image Courtesy: Expo City/ Website

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