Stay Inside This Boutique Resort With A Pool In Goa And Enjoy Local Dishes Like Goan Poee And More

by Sanmita A
Stay Inside This Boutique Resort With A Pool In Goa And Enjoy Local Dishes Like Goan Poee And More

Goa is known for its cosy cabins, pretty shacks and luxurious boutique resorts. And a Goa resort that had us in awe is the Orritel Village Square. It has a select number of exquisite suites, including superior rooms with views of gardens, swimming pools, and more, representing the core of Goan culture. The accommodation at this resort is fantastic and worth every dime. Apart from the ambience at this resort, you will enjoy every meal prepped here with authentic Goan spices.

Pretty Terraces, Swings & Its Pool Will Have Your Heart

Goa travel calls in for parties and time to go crazy over things. Well, this resort has all the space to provide you with whatever you desire. Starting from terrace view spaces, a private party space, and a pretty pool to soak into a restaurant and a bar to satiate your cravings for Goan cuisine and some great alcohol. Their cuisine includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals that you can totally gorge into without second thoughts. They are super healthy as well as delicious.

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When In Goa, Try The Local Cuisine

Goa Resort
Picture Credits: Instagram/Orritel Village Square

If you are chilling in Goa, it is obvious you have to try the local Goan dishes, like Goan Poee. The Goan poee is made of wheat and a kind of bun that can be relished with Goan curry or gravies. You can try eating this Goan bun with all kinds of dishes and, at the same time, try other food also. The bread recipes are delicious for Goan food; you can try all of it at this Goa resort.

Where: Plot No. 399/7N, Zorin Village, Chapora, Near Vagator Petrol Pump Anjuna, Goa 403509

Also, don’t forget that you have to make the reservations in advance, for which you can contact Orritel Village Square at or +91 9960746983.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Orritel Village Square