Stories From Bharat: From Rwanda To Delhi, This Love Story Created ‘The Big Chill’ Phenomenon

by Mallika Khurana
Stories From Bharat: From Rwanda To Delhi, This Love Story Created ‘The Big Chill’ Phenomenon

In the bustling heart of Delhi, where the aroma of delectable pastas mingles with the allure of pizza rolls, there exists a culinary haven called The Big Chill. It’s a place we all know and love, where we celebrate with friends, create cherished memories, and binge on irresistible dishes. But what if we told you that beneath the layers of mouthwatering flavours lies a love story as rich and delightful as the cuisine itself? Our journey into The Big Chill’s heart begins with Aseem Grover and Fawzia Ahmed, the brilliant minds behind this culinary phenomenon. 

The Love Story That Built The Big Chill

The Big Chill Cafe
Photo Credits: The Big Chill/Instagram

Their love story unfolded in the enchanting landscapes of Rwanda, a place where rolling hills and bustling markets set the stage for their remarkable tale. While Aseem was posted there on a UN Mission, Fawzia was visiting her uncle. The flavours of this vibrant country became the threads that wove their love story. Every meal they shared was a culinary adventure, and their passion for food grew stronger with each bite.

After a long-distance marriage of a few years, they returned to Delhi with hearts brimming with love. Eventually, Aseem and Fawzia decided to share their passion with the world. Thus, The Big Chill was born—a cafe that would not only serve delicious food but also tell their love story through every dish.

In August 2000, the young couple opened their first restaurant in Delhi’s East Kailash. Aseem Grover, an Army veteran, and Fawzia Ahmed, an NGO worker, had no professional culinary training, but they had a love for food and a unique love story. They embarked on this journey together, bringing their passion to life through The Big Chill.

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Where Romance Met Recipes And Flourished

The love story
Photo Credits: The Big Chill/Instagram

The ambiance of The Big Chill is a fusion of retro charm, modern comfort, and the couple’s love for movies hanging on every inch of the walls.  It invites patrons to step into a world where every meal is a chapter in a beautiful love story. However, the heart of a much-loved restaurant lies in its menu—a mouthwatering assortment of comfort foods. From delectable pasta dishes to soul-satisfying pizzas, and hearty burgers to irresistible desserts, each item is a masterpiece.

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Over time, the cafe’s popularity led to multiple outlets across the city. Each one of these places is a testament to Aseem and Fawzia’s commitment to offering the very best. Finally, with over two decades of culinary excellence under its belt, the restaurant recently opened its first-ever outlet in Dubai. The tale of love is crossing borders, and the flavours are delighting taste buds in a new corner of the world.

The Big Chill isn’t just a cafe; it’s a living legacy of love, flavour, and passion. It’s where Aseem and Fawzia’s love story continues to sizzle, intrigue, and involve all who enter its doors.

Cover Image Courtesy: The Big Chill Cafe/Instagram