Strip Club Or Yoga? Twitter User Spots A Hoarding Outside Pune Bar & Tweeple Are Debating What It Is!

Pune bar
by Shreya Ghosh 295

We often spot some unique or weird advertisements, drawings, and hoardings in public. Well, some are made in a way that directly shares their message with the world, while others are so different that it gets difficult at times to understand the truth hidden behind them. Today’s story is also about a hoarding outside a Pune bar that is being interpreted totally differently by different people. Read on.

A Twitter User Spots A Hoarding Outside Pune Bar & Twitterati Has Contrasting Opinions!

A Twitter user named Anmol Dhawan (@anmol_dhawan) shared a photo of a hoarding yesterday. And since the last evening, many Netizens are writing many confusing comments under it. Why are people unsure about this hoarding? Check out the hoarding below and you will understand why people are so unsure.

Anmol’s tweet has left tweeple baffled. What is this pose and what is its meaning: two most asked questions at the moment! Though he clarified the truth in the caption, needless to say, this post has tickled our funny bones. This is actually one of the many hoardings installed on the side of Dr. Homi Bhabha Road.

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This Hoarding Is A Bit Complicated!!!

The pose on the hoarding resembles yoga positions but some are even thinking it is some strip club advertisement. The connection between these two is truly unrelated. In fact, Anmol was taken aback when he saw the hoarding outside the Pune bar for the first time.

A Twitter user who goes by the username @ruskievityazi shared that this hoarding is actually outside The Bar Tales in Pune’s Bavdhan. Check out the tweet here!

Here are a few reactions of the Twitterati on this hoarding outside the Pune bar.

A Twitter user also mentioned how these boards might “distract attention of vehicle drivers & unnecessarily heighten chances of a road accident & injuries particularly for ladies, children & senior citizens”.

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Well, some are even loving the idea!

As we now know that these are actually boards of different yoga positions, but we would love to know what was your first reaction seeing this hoarding outside the Pune bar.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Anmol Dhawan @anmol_dhawan