Sunday Brunch With Zomato Ft. Shruti Haasan X Kamiya Jani

by Tonakshi Kalra

We are back with a brand new season – Sunday Brunch With Zomato! This time around, our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani visits celebrity’s favourite hang out spot be it their home, studio or office and treats them with their favourite delicacies by ordering in from Zomato.

In our first episode, we catch up with the talented Shruti Haasan, a woman of many talents and tastes. She enjoys Japanese food as much as she loves home style Tamil food! As we treated her with her favourite food, she treated us with her soulful voice and sang ‘To The Edge’. She shares anecdotes from her childhood and how she often tried her hide her family lineage by faking her name as ‘Pooja Ramachandran’. Watch this fun interview to know your favourite celebrity a little more!