Surprise Your Mom With A Foreign Vacation At Home This Mother’s Day

by Natasha Monteiro
Surprise Your Mom With A Foreign Vacation At Home This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and the government has already given your mom the best gift ever. They’ve ensured that you can’t go outdoors, have to stay in with the family and spend quality time with mommy dearest! Well, I’m sure your mom doesn’t expect more and just having you around is probably the best gift ever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get off your lazy ass and give her the best, damn Mother’s Day celebration she’s ever had. Okay. I’m sorry for calling you lazy. It does take efforts to scroll through this article and look up unique ideas for Mother’s Day. *snickers*. Okay, I’m going to stop being a smart ass and tell you just how you can surprise your mom with foreign vacation at home. Read on!

1. Talk To Your Mom

Step 1 is pretty simple. Talk to your mom and find out her dream destination. If she doesn’t have one, well that’s okay too. Ask her about her favourite holiday that she’s ever had. Most likely it’ll be one with the family. You can go two ways with your vacation route. Either recreate an old holiday or create a brand new one! It’s pretty simple. Let’s tell you the rest.

2. Start Planning For Mother’s Day In Lockdown

Just like you would plan a grand vacation, you better plan out this vacation too. Would you like it to be an all day long activity or would you prefer to do something small and simple. Gauge your resources and plan accordingly. The beauty of this plan lies in the details. So start planning early and you just might do a really great job of it.

3. Recreate Your Mom’s Favourite Travel Destination At Home

What does your mom love the most? Beaches or mountains? If your mom is a beach lover, start the surprise by getting the whole family to dress up in beach clothes or just colourful Hawaiian outfits. Wear cute hats, play some beach music to set the ambience. Maybe go that extra step and set up your TV to have a fun beach movie.

Set up a gorgeous candle light dinner at home, complete with fairy lights and her favourite meals. In fact, go all the way. Dress up as a server and offer your mom a menu of her favourite dishes. If you can’t cook, that’s okay too. You can now order (but be very careful and make you sanitise everything and wash your hands before and after opening the food boxes and discarding them.)

4. Plan A Real Trip

Okay, this is the real winner. No, we’re not saying you travel in these troubled times, but we are saying that you can actually plan that dream trip of your mom’s together. Watch YouTube videos together, craft out an itinerary, check out the best food to eat and the best time to visit the place, Discuss a budget.

Your mom will feel so much more valued and love when she realises that she’s being heard and her dreams are being discussed. Our moms love us so much,, that quite often we forget that they are living, breathing human beings with emotions and wants just like us. On the Mother’s Day, make your mom feel loved again.