Swiggy Customer Orders Idlis Worth ₹6 Lakhs In 1 Year. Here Are Top Idli Eating Indian Cities

by Sanjana Shenoy
Swiggy Customer Orders Idlis Worth ₹6 Lakhs In 1 Year. Here Are Top Idli Eating Indian Cities

On March 30, India celebrated World Idli Day! Yes, an entire day dedicated to the South Indian soft fluffy rice cakes that are little clouds of heaven. Swiggy whole-heartedly jumped on the idli train to inform foodies of interesting some even unusual stats about the consumption of the South Indian delicacy in India— one of which entails a Swiggy customer ordering ₹6 lakhs worth of idlis in just one year. That’s idli-culous!

Ultimate Idli Fan: Man Ordered 8428 Plates Of Idlis On Swiggy In One Year

As per insights shared by Swiggy, one of the most popular food delivery aggregators, India ordered around 33 million plates of idli in the last 12 months. If that isn’t shocking wait till you know about the ultimate idli lover in India. A man from Hyderabad loves idlis so much that he ordered ₹6 lakhs worth of idlis in one year on Swiggy. And what’s more about his idli mania is that he ordered idlis on Swiggynot just from his hometown Hyderabad, but even when he was travelling across India.

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Picture Credits: Pixabay

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This Hyderabad man is so loyal to his beloved idli that he even placed orders for it when visiting other cities like Bangalore and Chennai. Moreover, he didn’t want to deprive his loved ones of the simple pleasures of idlis. So, he ordered 8428 plates of idlis in the past year which included orders placed for his family and friends.

Well, we can’t blame him as the steamed savoury rice cake dish from South India, best paired with chutney and tangy sambhar, is equally enjoyable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since it’s steamed it’s also quite healthy and light. But idlis worth ₹6 lakhs with 8428 plates in a year, this can only be done by an extraordinary idli fan.

Bangalore Tops Idli Orders In India

You’re probably gaping in amazement, just like we are. Swiggy even lets you in on the top idli-eating cities in India. The first place is bagged by Bangalore, the second by Hyderabad and the third by Chennai. These are the cities where idlis are ordered the most. These are followed by Mumbai, Coimbatore, Pune, Vizag, Delhi, Kolkata and Kochi.

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Since it’s a popular breakfast dish, it’s mostly ordered between 8 am and 10 am in these cities. But they are also ordered for dinner. When it comes to the favourite idli variations, for Bangaloreans its Rava Idli, Chennaites it’s Ghee Podi Idli, Hyderabadis it’s the Karampodi Ghee Idli and for Mumbaikars, it’s Idli Vada.

Now that we’ve filled you in on the happenings on World Idli Day, are you salivating for a plate of idli? We certainly are and are ordering a plate of Ghee Podi Idli right away!

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