Dig Deeper Than Dosa And Idlis Into South Indian Cuisine And Have These Best South Indian Desserts

by Mallika Khurana
Dig Deeper Than Dosa And Idlis Into South Indian Cuisine And Have These Best South Indian Desserts

Whenever we think of south Indian food, our mind gets stuck on dosas, idlis, chutneys, and vadas. We simply don’t go beyond that, even though South Indian cuisine is extremely diverse. There is so much more to relish apart from sambar and appams including South Indian desserts. Especially when it comes to desserts, we North Indians are simply oblivious to all the delicacies they have to offer. However, it’s time to take a break from the savoury bites and indulge in what our sweet tooth desires.

Best South Indian Desserts To Try

1. Rava Kesari

Rawa Kesari
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Technically, Rava Kesari is a semolina pudding that is traditionally enjoyed with some warm milk. Made with semolina and milk, this dessert gets an excellent colour and flavour from saffron.

2. Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak
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This is an extremely popular dessert from the southern parts of India. It is also really popular in North India and is easily available in many sweet shops. It is made with gram flour, ghee, and sugar syrup, combined to give it a distinctive texture.

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3. Kozhukkatta

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This dessert can be considered a sweet rice dumpling from India. This is a special dessert usually served as prasad in pujas. Made with coconut and rice flour, it is stuffed with jaggery, sesame seeds, and dry fruits. Milk is also used to make this dessert.

4. Unni Appam

South Indian desserts
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Unni Appam is a tasty, nutritious South Indian dessert made from jaggery, rice, bananas, coconut, cardamom roasted coconut, and roasted sesame. This dessert is widely available in South Indian eateries!

5. Payasam

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The south Indian version of kheer is called payasam, but sevai is used in place of rice. Sugar, dry fruits, sabudana, and ghee are also used in their preparation. Every bit as tasty as kheer, this is a must-try.

While all of them are really different, they are all extremely delicious.

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