Swiggy One Walo, Swiggy Changes Membership Rules. Now No More Sharing Your Account With Your Gang!

by Mallika Khurana
Swiggy One Walo, Swiggy Changes Membership Rules. Now No More Sharing Your Account With Your Gang!

In line with Netflix’s recent announcement of its password-sharing policy, food delivery service aggregator Swiggy is the most recent business to crack down on password sharing. Beginning on February 6, 2023, a new password-sharing policy will be in place.

The terms and conditions of Swiggy One are changing, and Swiggy has begun notifying Swiggy One subscriber of this change. This indicates that for the time being, only Swiggy One subscribers are affected by the current changes.

The company’s premium subscription service, Swiggy One, comes with perks like free delivery, extra discounts, and more. There are currently two plans available from the company: a quarterly plan and an annual plan. Users who subscribe to Swiggy One receive free deliveries on food orders over ₹149, Instamart orders ₹199, and up to 30% off on dining and food.

Swiggy One Changes Log-In Rules


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Swiggy prohibits password sharing and limits users to using the same account on just two devices. Interestingly, while offering the same benefits to different users, its plan prices vary. Renewing members are charged significantly more than brand-new members.

They will soon be updating their terms and conditions. According to this change, as of February 6th, Swiggy One members are only permitted to log into a total of two devices at once, the company stated in a notification to users.

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The Alterations Will Reduce Misusage

The changes are being made to stop the “misuse” of the Swiggy One membership. The membership is intended for “personal use, and the password-sharing policy is intended to decrease instances of misuse.

The Swiggy One membership is only intended for individual use. This adjustment will lessen instances of misuse. Swiggy stated that this modification was required to maintain the membership’s affordability for users and the business’s viability.

There is currently no restriction on the number of devices that can be logged into with a single account, and users frequently buy memberships on one account and share it with their friends and family.

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