Take A Culinary Journey Of France At Bistro Des Art In Dubai Marina With A Monthly Changing Menu

by Anupriya Mishra
Take A Culinary Journey Of France At Bistro Des Art In Dubai Marina With A Monthly Changing Menu

French cuisine often uses simple ingredients to transform them into artistic dishes that are savoured by many people around the globe. And if you are someone who relishes the taste of French dishes, then you’re in for some fantastic news. Folks, we’re here to tell you about a restaurant in Dubai Marina that is doing something special for all you foodies out there.

A Monthly Changing Menu At Bistro Des Art?

Bistro Des Art is a famous French restaurant that is popular as a quintessential 1970 French bistro overlooking the Dubai Marina waters and serving authentic French cuisine. But they’re now doing something special for all the foodies out there, which will make you want to land here right away. They’ve introduced a one-of-kind offbeat Bon Voyage menu which features different regions of France every month. Yes, this means that every month the dishes will change on the menu according to the region of the month. So, staying true to the name of the menu, the changing dishes are going to take you on a fascinating culinary journey in France.

As it happens, we have a list of regions you can expect in the coming months. Here’s what you can expect in the coming months at the restaurant –

  • Normandy – March
  • Bretagne – April
  • Bordeaux et Sa Region – May
  • Toulouse – June
  • Marseille – July
  • Nice – August
  • Lyon – September
  • Strasbourg – October
  • Dijon – November

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What About The Cost?

As you may have already gathered, the Bon Voyage menu has already begun, and a three-course meal is priced at AED199 per person. Staying true to its name, the menu really does take its visitors on a culinary journey of France. While you’re here relishing decadent French dishes, we’re certain you will appreciate the gorgeous view of the surrounding areas. Not to mention, the pretty decor of the area definitely makes it a memorable experience. Yes, the pastel-hued furniture and daintily crafted furniture just add to the allure of the restaurant!

So, when are you dropping by to relish a delicious French feast?

Where: The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina
When: 7:30 am to 11 pm

Cover Image Courtesy: Internal