Tamannaah Asks “Why Cheat When You Can Chaat?”; Shares A Healthy Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

Actress Tamannaah treated her fans to a lip-smacking sweet potato chaat recipe.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Tamannaah Asks “Why Cheat When You Can Chaat?”; Shares A Healthy Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe

Tamannaah drove away our weekday blues with a healthy and delicious sweet potato chaat recipe on Instagram. The actress has repeatedly declared her love for food through her social media handles, interviews and more. This time, she has a personal chaat recipe for her fans and we can’t wait to prepare it STAT!

Tamannaah Prepares Delicious & Healthy Sweet Potato Chaat


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“Why cheat when you can chaat?”, asks Tamannaah to Instagrammers. The Babli Bouncer star even treated her fans to a special sweet potato chaat recipe. Unlike other chaats, this recipe doesn’t involve any deep-fried ingredients. But it still tastes delicious and finger-licking good! How do we know? Well, Tamannaah’s expressions while taking bites of it were testimonials enough!

In the reel, the actress first takes sweet potato tikkis, which she says is the star of the show. Tamannaah shares that sweet potatoes have been part of her diet for long. She recommends you prepare small sweet potato tikkis and make them chatpata. “This is so good for you. This is so good for your skin, stomach. You’re going to thank me because it’s going to be so good and yummy”, she says.

She covers the sweet potato tikkis with a generous helping of shredded cucumber. Next, the actress pours raita over the ingredients. Then, Tamannaah adds dollops of pudina chutney or mint chutney over the raita-topped sweet tikkis. Her face lights up when she adds the necessary “crunch” to her life and the chaat. That’s Chana Zor Garam. Made of chickpeas, this popular street food snack is roasted and spiced.

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She Adds The Extra Crunch To It, Chana Zor Garam

Tamannaah chaat
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“It’s something I have eaten, growing up. But it’s got recently introduced into my life again as I enjoy eating it with dal-chawal. It’s versatile and it’s not fried”, says Tamannaah. Adding channa zor garam in Saltbae style, she finishes off her chaat in style. Oh! But before that she sprinkles chaat masala and squeezes half a lemon. And only one thing is left for her to do — Taste check!

One bite of sweet potato chaat and Tamannaah gets into a food coma! Just watching her relish every bite of the chaat has Netizens yearning to prepare this STAT. So, when are you preparing Tamannaah’s tried and tested favourite chaat recipe?

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