Tamannaah Bhatia Admits That She Used To Be A Non-Vegetarian

by Ankita Mazumdar
Tamannaah Bhatia Admits That She Used To Be A Non-Vegetarian

In this fun collaboration episode of The Bombay Journey x Sunday Brunch, Tamannaah Bhatia, Aashim Gulati and Suhail Nayyar joined Mashable India’s Siddharth Aalambayan and Curly Tales’s Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. The Sunday Brunch section of the video was at the popular SodaBottleOpenerWala as the focus was on its delicious Parsi food. While on the topic of food, we got to know Tamannaah Bhatia used to be a non-vegetarian but now she isn’t. During the video, she was a vegetarian but she makes the decision based on her body. Scroll further to know more about her being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Tamannaah Bhatia Used To Be A Non-Vegetarian

During the drive around in Lower Parel, Tamannaah Bhatia told us that she is a foodie and Mashable India’s Siddharth Aalambayan became a little curious. Even before the boys joined the episode, he wanted to ask Tamannaah some food-related questions but then held back as it would be great to ask questions collectively to the whole gang. However, he gave a pro tip about a great food place recommendation. He said that the person who owns The Bombay Canteen in Lower Parel has opened Veronica’s in Bandra West.

He inquired if she had been to this recently-viral cafe in Bandra, Veronica’s. Tamannaah Bhatia replied, “No, you know I saw it on Instagram and really want to go.” Tamannaah what are you waiting for, you’re missing out on some delicious food and Kombucha! Veronica’s has great options for non-vegetarians, so Siddharth went on to ask if she liked non-vegetarian food.

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Tamannaah sadly went on to claim that she used to be a non-vegetarian but for the time being she is a vegetarian. Maybe she very slightly missed non-vegetarian food because she almost started a sentence with “I love…” and didn’t quite finish it. Instead, she immediately changed the course of words by saying, “But right now I am veg (vegetarian).” We are assuming her incomplete sentence meant that she loves non-vegetarian food.

Is She A Non-Vegetarian Or A Vegetarian?

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Tamannaah Bhatia definitely craves some non-vegetarian food but she doesn’t give in to her cravings. Upon learning her unique and phased eating habits, Kamiya asked her, “Why? Are there phases?” To this, she said yes as her body is more responsive to vegetarian food.

She went on “I kind of work with how I am feeling.” Her body functions better when her diet includes vegetarian food and she follows the lead of her body. It is always best to know what your body wants and act accordingly. Your body is indeed your temple, treat it very politely.

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