Telangana Is Now Home To India’s First Dinosaur Theme Park With Realistic, Moving Dinosaurs 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Telangana Is Now Home To India’s First Dinosaur Theme Park With Realistic, Moving Dinosaurs 

We are sure all of you must have watched Jurassic Park as a child! The visuals were so impactful that they still are clear in all our minds. At some point we all wondered how it would have felt if we were from that era. Well, you can experience it now!. A dinosaur theme park, created with an investment of almost Rs 5 crore, will now be exhibited in Telangana for the first time in India. 

Telangana Is Now Home To India’s First Dinosaur Theme Park

This is India’s first dinosaur theme park with realistic, moving dinosaurs, according to official sources.

The prehistoric giants, the dinosaurs, which have long since gone extinct, can now be seen by visitors. The park, which will officially open this Sunday, has been painstakingly planned to provide guests with an exhilarating trip.

The park has been cleverly planned so that visitors may hear these extinct animals’ calls and roars in addition to seeing them. Dinosaur eggs and skeletons are on display; they were all created utilizing silicon technology.

To the amazement of the guests, the dinosaurs roam freely across the park’s boundaries while screaming loudly, according to Chari. There are many surprises throughout the eight- to ten-minute ride. It’s an exciting voyage that takes you through many historical periods. The park offers information about Earth’s past in addition to its fascinating dinosaur exhibits.  (As per  The New Indian Express)

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Komati Cheruvu, Siddipet

Credits: Rep Image: Canva

The Komati Cheruvu is the center of attraction in the Siddipet district headquarters. Thanks to T. Harish Rao, the minister of finance and health, gets more alluring every six months Harish Rao played a key role in the creation of the Adventure Park, the Rock Garden, and the fascinating dinosaur theme park. 

In the past, a dinosaur museum was founded after the first dinosaur eggs were found in Rayoli, close to Gujarat. Only one of the dinosaurs on display, though, was able to move and make noises. There are five static models and 18 lifelike, moving dinosaurs in Siddipet.

B The Komati Cheruvu tourism officer, Ravindra Chari, predicted that this park would soon overtake others as the best and biggest dinosaur attraction in the nation. 

A 240-meter mini-track has been installed, and a vast cave has been skillfully built. Visitors may see the dinosaurs in action while being taken around the park by train. There are three bogies in the train, each with enough space for six passengers. Visitors have a totally immersive experience thanks to the dinosaurs.  (As per  The New Indian Express)

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