Plane Carrying US Tourists Crashed In Brazil; 12 Passengers & 2 Crew Members Lost Their Lives

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

A tragic incident took place in Brazil on Saturday. The governor of the state reported that 14 people were killed in a plane crash on Saturday in Brazil’s northern Amazon state. 

Plane Carrying US Tourists Crashed In Brazil

The plane crash tragedy happened in Barcelos province. It is around 400 kilometers (248 miles) from Manaus in Brazil. 

It was reported that the plane was carrying tourists from the United States. Of them, 12 passengers and two crew members lost their lives. 

Wilson Lima, the governor of the Amazonas state, posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that he profoundly grieved the deaths of the 12 passengers and two crew members who were killed in the plane crash in Barcelos on Saturday. 

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Brazilian Air Force Dispatched A Team 

He also mentioned that their teams have been working to offer the required assistance. Lima expressed his condolences and prayers to their friends and family. 

It is believed that the tourists were going for fishing but the pilots could not see the landing strip due to bad weather and thus the plane crashed in Brazil.

According to the statement, people can rely on them to protect the privacy of those concerned during this trying time. It also stated that they will be on hand to give people any updates they might need as the inquiry moves along.

In order to gather information and preserve any evidence that might be useful in the crash investigation, the Brazilian Air Force dispatched a team from Manaus, according to an Air Force statement. (as per PTI)

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We pray for the families of the deceased.

Cover Image Courtesy:@VipinBishnoi13