Terrifying Video Of Multi-Storey Luxury Hotel In Pakistan Getting Sweeped Away In Floods Goes Viral

by Shreya Ghosh
Terrifying Video Of Multi-Storey Luxury Hotel In Pakistan Getting Sweeped Away In Floods Goes Viral

Natural disasters can destroy and damage a humongous property in just some time. And a similar incident took place in Pakistan a few days back. A short clip of the floods sweeping away a multi-storey luxury hotel in Pakistan was uploaded on the Internet and it went viral on social media platforms. The video is very scary and fearsome to watch the floods brushing off the huge property vigorously.

The Luxury Hotel In Pakistan Swept Away In Floods In A Short Span

Nestled in Kalam, Pakistan, the ‘Iconic New Honeymoon Hotel’ was destroyed to pieces in just some seconds after the massive floods attacked it. The property was extremely huge and also one of Kalam’s largest and costliest hotels. It had more than 150 stunning rooms and was indeed a treat to the eyes. Unfortunately, the floods did not even spare anything. In between all this bad news and devastation, the only good news is that no one was harmed during this terrifying moment. On 24 August, everyone including the guests, staff members, and workers was evacuated and shifted elsewhere.

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Azhar Abbas is a Pakistani journalist and he uploaded a video of the hotel crumbling into pieces and dust on his Twitter handle. He shared the horror-stricken clip with the caption, ‘Iconic New Honeymoon Hotel in Kalam completely destroyed due to rains and flash floods. Unprecedented rains caused havoc across the country with Balochistan, Sindh and South Punjab worst affected.’

The Monsoon This Year Is Horrifying!

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif requested international help to manage and tackle the fatal situation. In fact, he declared Pakistan a state of emergency. China and some international agencies and communities came forward to help Pakistan out of this flooding and destruction. He tweeted on the floods captioning, The ongoing rain spell has caused devastation across the country. The losses, though yet to be documented, are comparable to flash floods of 2010. Grateful to the international community for their sympathies, condolences & pledges of support. Together we will build back better’.

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Monsoon mostly enters Pakistan in July but it began a bit earlier this year. The country experienced the first rainfall of the rainy season in June and since mid-month, the situation started getting down. Pakistan experienced massive overpouring and flash floods that led to the injury of 1,456 people and over 950 people lost their lives.