Thailand’s Ancient Town, Si Thep, Is The New UNESCO Heritage Site! What’s So Unique About It?

Si Thep thailand
by Shreya Rathod

The most recent addition to Thailand’s list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is Si Thep, a historic town in the Phetchabun province, some 340 kilometres north of Bangkok. Listed as The Ancient Town of Si Thep and its Associated Dvaravati Monuments, the location is a historical landmark. But what is so unique about this ancient town?

Thailand’s Si Thep Is The New UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Si Thep thailand

Credits: Wikimedia

Thailand currently has seven World Heritage Sites as a result of this recent addition. The spectacular Khao Klang Nok ancient monument and the Khao Thamorrat Cave ancient monument are all part of the twin-town site known as the Ancient Town of Si Thep and its Associated Dvaravati Monuments.

Si Thep is a unique location and is a well-preserved site. The area’s spectacular landscape, cold climate, mist-covered mountains, and a variety of adventure sports, including outdoor camping and trekking, complement the ancient town’s beauty and charm. The town was then a thriving regional commerce hub where distinctive regional culture and art were born.

The temples, statues, and historic ruins have all been painstakingly preserved and restored. It’s a fantastic location to visit if you have a stronger interest in history. The beautiful sculptures and carvings that adorn the temples are still visible. They provide evidence of the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the early artisans.

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One of the largest recognised city-states in central Thailand historically was Si Thep. Later, it was abandoned as new, more significant cultural centres were formed in places like Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

Buddhist Sanctuary Is The Crucial Part Of The Town

Khao Khlang Nai

Credits: Wikimedia

The majority of the town’s changes occurred between the 8th and 10th centuries CE, at the height of Buddhism. In terms of Mahayana Buddhism art and culture, links with India also improved at this period. The site’s historic Buddhist sanctuary, Khao Khlang Nai, is a crucial component of Si Thep culture.

The main stupa at Khao Khlang Nai, which was constructed between the sixth and seventh centuries CE, is an example of Dvaravati architecture. The oldest structure in The Ancient Town of Si Thep and its Associated Dvaravati Monuments, Khao Khlang Nok, is a stupa that was built between the eighth and ninth centuries CE. It may merely appear to be a sizable laterite mound at the moment, but it was once a significant historical landmark.

Si Thep is easily reachable from Bangkok and Chiang Mai, two of Thailand’s largest cities.

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Visitors can take their time exploring the historical park, taking in the breathtaking scenery and learning about the fascinating history.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons