“Thank You IndiGo,” Musician Roasts Airline In Sarcastic Video For Breaking His Guitar While Handling Baggage

While the was a sarcastic rant, he addressed the need for airlines to teach baggage handlers what the "Fragile" means.

by Sanjana Shenoy
“Thank You IndiGo,” Musician Roasts Airline In Sarcastic Video For Breaking His Guitar While Handling Baggage
Recently, a video went viral on social media where Air India ground staff were seen mishandling a musician’s gig bag despite a “Fragile” sticker pasted on it. This time, another musician took to social media to sarcastically address similar grievances. Musician Piyush Capoor shared a video on Instagram roasting IndiGo for breaking his guitar on a flight. Here’s more to it.

IndiGo Baggage Handlers Break Musician’s Guitar

Taking to the microblogging platform, Piyush starts his video by addressing the struggles guitarists go through to achieve a tremolo effect. He promised a “shandaar” (spectacular) offer to all his guitarist friends who have acoustic guitars and struggle to achieve tremolo effect. “Tremolo matlab yeh…,” the musician gives a demo of the sustained shimmering note.
“You don’t need to bend your neck,” he says.


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Piyush advises fellow musicians to take an IndiGo flight, any IndiGo flight and place their guitar in a hard case. “Uske baad woh yeh karke denge,” says the musician sarcastically while showing his broken guitar. “Muft ka hai, aur kya chahiye?” (It’s for free, what more do you want?)

While his video was a sarcastic rant, roasting the airline, he addressed his concerns in the Instagram caption. Piyush thanked IndiGo and said he left a thank you note for the airline at the airport but didn’t even hear from them. Moreover, he wonders how the baggage handlers managed to crack the instrument open in this way. He urged airlines to teach their baggage handlers what the “Fragile” sticker means.

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“Not Compensation, Accountability Is Crucial,” He Says

guitar indiGo

Several musicians took to the comments section and replied that they prefer carrying their instruments in their cabin baggage. Another said, “Harmonium bana diya isse.” Another joked the airline may charge him extra for the “sound effect.”

His video caught the attention of IndiGo and they replied from their official handle. In their reply, they stated their understanding of the sentimental value of personal items like Piyush’s guitar. They assured him they would prioritise and care for their customers’ belongings. Moreover, they asked for his travel details and contact number to connect with him.

To this, Piyush clarified that he didn’t want any compensation. But through his reel, he wanted to highlight the need for airlines and their ground staff to handle musical instruments with care. He emphasised that while accidents happen, immediate accountability is crucial.

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Musicians, has your musical instrument been broken or mishandled by flights in India?

Cover Image Courtesy: @piyushcapoor/ Instagram

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