The 9 Most Colourful Beaches In The World

by Natasha Monteiro
The 9 Most Colourful Beaches In The World

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Have you ever visited a pink sand beach or a muti-coloured one? No? Then you HAVE TO read this to discover the most colourful beaches in the world.

1. Black Sand Beach, New Zealand

Black sand Beach
Muriwai Beach-New Zealand

Muriwai Beach, located on Auckland’s wild, west coast is a sight to behold! The beach gets its colour from black volcanic sand. Add to it the blue, pounding waves and you’ve got yourself a treat. Muriwai Beach is one of wild beauty and if you’re not in the mood for some kite-surfing, you can simply stroll along the beach for hours.

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2. Pink Sand Beach, Indonesia

Pink Sand Beach
Pink Beach-Komodo Island- Indonesia

The epitome of romance, Komodo Island is blessed with a beautiful pink sand beach. The sand gets its distinct colour from  Foraminifera – microscopic animals which produce a red pigment on the coral reefs. 

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3. Brown Sand Beach, USA

Brown Sand Beach
Rockaway Beach-California

Located in Pacifica, California, Rockaway Beach is an absolute beauty. It’s blessed with hiking trails, bike paths and great surfs. Rockaway is a popular beach filled with plenty of restaurants and hotels around it for you to explore.

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4. Red Sand Beach, Greece

Red Sand Beach
Red Beach – Santorini-Greece

Greece is my favouritest location in the whole, wide world. I’m partial to the island of white architecture, fairytale romances, delicious food and the *cough* men *cough*! Add to the landscape a gorgeous red sand beach located in Santorini and you’ve got yourself a deal! Certain areas of the beach are off limits due to rock fall.

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5. Multicoloured Beach, Hawaii

Multicoloured Beach
Glass Beach- Hawaii Island

Blues, greens, aquas, browns, yellows and the occasional reds makes Glass Beach in Kauai a sight to behold. The sun bounces off the glass like pebbles to make for a spectacular sight. The glass like beach is created from glass disposed off into the ocean. Over a period of 20-30 years, the water smooths it into a jelly-like pebble and throws it back out on the beach. Talk about recycling!

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6. Purple Sand Beach, USA

Purple Sand Beach
Pfeiffer Beach- California

Okay first things first, this isn’t the easiest beach to find. Also, there’s plenty of portions with regular sand but after the rains, the beach is sprinkled with purple. Washed down from the rocks above,  Pfeiffer Beach, California is a sight for sore eyes. The chances of witnessing chunks of purple across the beach is quite high.

7. White Sand Beach, Australia

White Sand Beach
Hyams Beach- Australia

A picture speaks a thousand words and for Hyams Beach located in Australia, we are going to do just that! Stop and admire that beauty.

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8. Orange Sand Beach, Malta

Orange Sand Beach
San Blas Beach – Gozo- Malta

A tiny little beach in Gozo, San Blas looks sun-kissed and pretty all through the year. Flanked by a green countryside and gorgeous valleys, the colours perfectly contrast the bright orangish-red colour of the sand. Just look at that picture!

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9. Grey Sand Beach, USA

Grey Sand Beach
Shelter Cove, California

California seems to be on a bit of a roll here! If you thought grey was a dreary and dull colour, look again. Shelter Cove in California is the perfect example of radiant beauty. In fact, the sands aren’t grey, they’re more of a refreshing silver. Shelter Cove is flanked by a reef and several fine-dine restaurants for you to explore.


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