The 9th Edition Of The UAE Camel Trek Will Conclude At Dubai’s Global Village After Crossing 600 Km

by Deeplata Garde
The 9th Edition Of The UAE Camel Trek Will Conclude At Dubai’s Global Village After Crossing 600 Km

Camels are an essential part of the UAE culture. The annual UAE Camel Trek, now in its ninth year, is being participated in by 34 camel riders from 15 different nations. The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center organises this event annually. This time the expedition that commenced in Abu Dhabi will conclude at Dubai’s Global Village. Let’s find out more about the event.

600-Km 34 Camels & Riders Are Involved In The Annual Trek

The annual camel journey, which is eagerly awaited, has attracted the most people of all ages and countries yet. They will travel over 600 kilometres through the UAE desert. The route includes passing through Tal Mera’b, Alkharza, the Qasr al-Sarab reserve area, and the Arabian Oryx reserve. This follows up by crossing the south of Umm Anz, Umm Alhubb, the south of the Butais reserve, the south of Alkhazna, Seih Almeih/ Sweihan, Al Ajban, and Seih Alsalam. Then the riders with camels will finally be arriving on December 30 at Heritage Village in Global

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15 Countries Take Part In This UAE Camel Trek

The annual camel trip had over 400 applications this year. The final list was narrowed down to the participants who endured several weeks of arduous practice and preparation for the desert expedition. It’s tough to meet the standard set by HHC. This year, the largest to date in terms of participation of various ages and nationalities features up to 37 camel riders from 15 various nationalities.

All camels are given names, and strangely, they are aware of their owners. Everyone on the walk claimed that the experience had taught them a great deal about life and will have a significant impact on their future.

The trekkers were provided with shelters to rest during the rigorous routine. HHC provides them with all of the necessities for the entire journey. That includes food, drink, personal tents, and the camels they ride.

Do you think it’s manageable to endure the relentless training to trek through the desert of UAE?

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