The BAAP Of Mango Creams At Bunty Juice Corner, Borivali

by Anvi Doshi
The BAAP Of Mango Creams At Bunty Juice Corner, Borivali

We’ll keep it short and simple. You may have had a hella number of mangoes in your life, but haven’t had the best one until you’ve had *THIS* bad boy.

Image Credits: FOODFORLIFE (@flavourdip)

THE Mango Cream

By the looks of it Bunty Juice Corner deserves all the love Borivaliites shower upon it. Look that mango cream in the eye and if you still have the heart that doesn’t melt, let’s not talk. Doesn’t it make sense to not let strawberries shoulder all the love and give our beloved Mango a chance? That’s exactly why we HEART this Mango Cream (Rs 250) with its swirls of mango flowers (the sanest use of creativity) and a bowl filled with fluffy cream.

Image Credits: LBB

Also Popular

Known for their killer food presentation, this place is also very popular for its range of fresh juices and their grilled sandwiches. But there have another winner for the mango season namely The Gabbar (Rs 250) which is basically fresh mango pieces served with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles.

Bunty Juice Corner is pretty well known among the locals and while its looks are deceptive, they are very hygienic. Before you decide to scroll away, here watch this:


Address: Bunty Juice Corner, 6, Sai Sadan, Roshan Nagar, Chandavarkar Lane, Borivali West, Mumbai
Timings: 12 pm -12:30 am
Cost for 2: Rs 400, approx
Contact: 022 28940733