Here’s How Airtel 5G Can Revolutionise The Way We Socialise

by Suchismita Pal
Here’s How Airtel 5G Can Revolutionise The Way We Socialise

4G revolutionised so many things for us – from streaming music and movies to making video calls instead of boring old voice calls. But now it’s time to move to the next level as 5G is going to be a reality soon. It will transform our lives phenomenally, making everything we do seamless, simpler and faster. In January 2021, Airtel became the first telco in the country to demonstrate LIVE 5G service over a commercial network in Hyderabad. They used dynamic spectrum sharing to operate both 4G and 5G together, offering 10X speed, 10X improved latency and 100X concurrency. Just like 4G, 5G is also ready to change how we do everyday things like searching for a restaurant, ordering food, shopping, socialising, etc. Excited already? Read on.

Say Hello To Smart Travelling

When travelling to a different country or even a different part of India, language can be a big barrier. You have a tough time talking to the locals, asking for directions or even fully enjoying being there because you end up being with your own group. While there are apps to translate text and even speech to different languages, it’s not seamless and the delay can be enough to make the conversation seem like a task. 

Airtel 5G

Well, that’s ready to change as 5G’s quick data transfer can help you translate different languages to yours pretty much instantaneously. With a 5G-enabled phone with the right services, you’ll be able to have a conversation with a non-English speaker like you would with someone speaking your language. 5G’s low latency will play a major role here since the data could be easily sent analysed, translated and send back with close to no delay. 

Picture The Furniture In The House With AR

The biggest problem with shopping for furniture or home décor is not knowing exactly how it will look in your house. Or if it will even fit the available space. With AR powered by 5G, your phone will be capable of showing you exactly that. For example, say you have an empty space in your room where you plan to put a new sofa. You can hold your phone in front of that space, and your phone will show you how the sofa will look there. While this technology already exists, with 5G, it will only get better and more efficient. You won’t even need a high-processing phone because all you would need is the fast data transfer of 5G, and the rest will happen on the cloud.

Airtel 5G
Picture Credits: Pinterest

Finding Places To Become Much Easier

Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. With the advanced implementation of mechanisms like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, 5G aims to make wireless connectivity more immersive across all sectors, from entertainment, food and shopping to gaming and communication. Say, when you try to find nearby restaurants, it’s a multi-step process that requires multiple apps. You Google it in the browser, then probably check the reviews on another app and look for direction on Maps. While the process is easy and quite intuitive, 5G can make it even easier.

Airtel 5G

With 5G, you just need to scan the surroundings with your phone camera, and all the restaurants near you will appear on your screen, with information, ratings, reviews and direction right there in real-time. Thanks to the fast data speed and low latency of 5G, AI systems on the cloud can immediately recognise restaurants in the camera’s view and collate data from different sources to show it to you.

Meet Friends And Colleagues In Virtual Meeting Rooms

While we have all accepted zoom meetings and birthday parties by now, imagine if while being in different parts of the country, you could still sit next to your friend, talk to them and see them up close and maybe even play games with them. Or if you are in a work meeting, you could show others a digital model of a product, hold it in your hand, zoom in and zoom out of it for everybody to see it in 3D. Sounds like science fiction, right? But that is already becoming reality faster than you could imagine with VR tech powered by 5G. While VR could create these virtual scenes for you to live in, 5G can make sure that it’s accurate and renders instantaneously at even the slightest of head tilts. This could be the future of chilling with friends or even remote collaboration. 

Airtel 5G
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So, brace yourselves, guys, the connectivity revolution is knocking on the door!