The Famous Arth Restaurant & Lounge Comes To Pune’s Koregaon Park

by Kritika Kukreja
The Famous Arth Restaurant & Lounge Comes To Pune’s Koregaon Park

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Mumbai’s favorite, ingredient forward and gas free, experiential restaurant and lounge “Arth” launches at The Westin Koregaon Park, Pune.

What Is It?

Mumbai’s famous restaurant and lounge, Arth, has launched in Pune’s The Westin at Koregaon Park to bring the essence of good food with an uber luxurious ambience. With two private dining areas, Arth wishes to provide unique and exclusive experiences for the patrons. It aspires to be a place that serves more than just a meal. It works towards being a place where guests get to engage all their senses through the concept of experiential eating, with live food presentation at the table.

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Dining area, Arth

What’s In It?

Arth combines high quality food with an uber luxurious ambience. The restaurant and lounge’s 7000 square feet interiors are designed by Gauri Khan. The floor to ceiling door, the three flaming glass lamps and the gold highlights on black welcome patrons to this one of a kind experience. The use of statement pieces with theatrical flourish and stunning accents radiate grandeur and a contemporary take on art deco. Beautiful marble inlay flooring with a circular motif in black and white, entire columns clad in classic and modern hard bound books, mounted stag heads on the wall, large windows with sheer curtains opening onto the outdoor section and beautiful light fixtures and crystal chandeliers all add to the dramatic interiors. Another highlight is a Rex Cinema tall mirror, which is a photo op space at Arth, Mumbai and looks magnificent and photo ready at Arth, Pune.

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Private dining area, Arth

Food & Drinks

One of the signature elements of the Arth kitchen is that it is entirely gas-free. Each dish on the menu is rooted in the techniques of traditional, ancient cooking. Inspired by the fact that the earliest record of cooked food in history made use of a charcoal- powered hearth, Executive Chef Amninder Sandhu ensures that each dish is prepared on wood or charcoal. She has focused on ingredients sourced from far-flung corners of the country, including Majuli, Shillong, Khonoma, Alleppey, Mangalore, Guntur Rishikesh and Kashmir. The entirely bespoke kitchen at Arth exclusively features copper utensils, a live sigri and a sand pit with live charcoal, which Chef uses to slow- cook meats and other smoked items. Even though the cooking techniques are deeply traditional, the plating of each dish is highly contemporary.

Each dish on Chef Amninder’s menu is characterized by slow-cooking methods that maximize the flavours and textures of the ingredients, cooking techniques that hark back to the stripped down, basic methods used in ancient times. Clean, rustic flavours predominate, and the cuisine is prepared with flair, making the most of the open kitchen. An experience-driven space with live food presentation at the table, Arth is designed to be a sensory treat all around.

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Raan Biryani, Arth


Address: Arth Restaurant & Lounge, The Westin Pune Koregaon Park, 36/ 3-B, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Anexxe, Ghorpadi, Pune 411 001
Phone: +919145550001

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