The Laughing Cow Is Every Mother’s Answer To Their Children’s Snacking Needs

by Sanjana Shenoy
The Laughing Cow Is Every Mother’s Answer To Their Children’s Snacking Needs

“Mom I’m hungry, give me something to eat. Mom, I’m hungry! Mom!” Does this sound familiar, mothers? Satiating your child’s growing appetite can be quite a task. After all, mothers are on a constant lookout for a yummy yet nutritious snack to make their children’s hunger instantly disappear. Just like all mothers, Kamiya Jani was also on a mission to satisfy her daughter, Ziana’s craving for a snack, until she came across The Laughing Cow creamy cheese triangles- A mother’s ally to make something delicious and nutritious. Here’s why you too should introduce your children to The Laughing Cow cheese.

Anytime Snacking For Every Child’s Growing Hunger

Children’s hunger for snacking has no time. As they always burn their calories attending school and playing outdoors. And when they come to you demanding the perfect snack, The Laughing Cow is your answer. It just takes a minute to make your child a delicious yet nutritious snack. Spread the soft creamy cheese on a slice of bread, and voila! Your child’s snack is ready!

Packed With Nutritional Benefits

Packed in a round box in triangular packaging, it’s adorable and easy to store. The best part is that The Laughing Cow is rich in 5 essential Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and calcium. It’s made with the goodness of cow’s milk, which helps in building muscle mass. 

Prepare Delicious Snacks For Your Kids

There are a plethora of ways you can incorporate The Laughing Cow creamy cheese triangles in the snacks you serve your kids. You can spread it on toast, apply it on a chapati and roll it for tiffin or even layer it on crackers for a quick bite. This is the ultimate anytime-snacking option that neither you nor your kids can resist. 


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So mothers! The next time your children are hungry for a snack,  just spread soft and creamy cheese on a slice of bread and let your children indulge in a delicious snack. After all, what can be a better snack than one that drives away your children’s hunger and also adds to their nutritional needs?